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Blending tradition and modernity “Shri Ram Samarth” released on 1st November

Films live forever with the scintillating songs that remain in the memory of viewers. Songs remaining on the lips of the music lovers take them to a different world altogether. “Shri Ram Samarth” is a film that is complete with such excellent music as well as entertainment for the entire family is released in entire Maharashtra on the 1st November 2019. Produced by Ashwini Maheshwari from Vipra Entertainment and Deepa Suravase from Dishadeepa Films, this film are being presented by Bharati Zumbarlal Rathi and Sanjay Rathi. The original concept of the film “Shri Ram Samarth” directed by Santosh Todankar is by Advocate Mrs Vijaya pravin Maheshwari. While explaining the importance of physical exercise and chanting, many aspects of his ideals and guidance will be opened up in the film “Shri Ram Samarth”.

Understanding exact meaning of the word “Sawdhan” meaning “alert” at the time of marriage, Narayan is a 12 year old boy who matures to get engrossed in the worship of Deity Ram and to earn huge knowledge and finally enlightenment. All this can be seen in the life of Saint Ramdas Swami. The Film also shows how he was a true supporter and epitome for honor of women and their empowerment.  The music for the film has been set by duo Sanjay Marathe and Mahesh Naik. Eminent singer Avdhoot Gupte, Adarsh Shinde and newcomer Balasaheb Sawant and Meena Nikam have beautifully rendered FIVE songs from the film complimenting each other. A song that would become favored as heart of picnic for the youth today “U Turn” can be said to be a connecting link between two generations. Our favorite Shri Ganesh Aaarti “Sukhkarta Dukh harta” can be heard with a different tune. This song rendered by eminent singer Adarsh Shinde in the grandeur of his voice can be experienced during the film. The Aarti “Durge Durgat Bhari” explaining the glory of Womanhood and sung as a chorus is another addition to the music score of the film. The Maruti Aarti written by Rashtrasant Ramdas Swami “Satrane Uddane” has been set to tune can be heard in the voice of singer Babasaheb Sawant along with actual scenes from 11 Maruti temples in various parts of Maharashtra. This song written by Baba Chavhan has been sung by singer Meena Nikam and Balasaheb Sawant. 28 verses from the volume “Dasbodh” provide exact meaning for dialogues of the film. Providing additional information about the same, Music Director duo Sanjay Marathe and Mahesh Naik said that the traditional music has been blended with trendy style so that setting of the film should not look odd. In fact this was the biggest challenge. Another was that of setting words by Ramdas Swami in to tune. For example we had prepared eight different tunes for Aarti “Sukh Karta Dukh Harta” from the film. We also shouldered the challenge of binding the historical period of Ramdas Swami and the present period in to the background music that we provided for the film.

The concept of clean surroundings and prosperous society that was rooted 400 years ago is proving immensely important even today. Actor Shantanu Moghe, Mahesh Kokate, Actress Alka Kubal-Athalye, Saurabh Gokhale, Sayaji Shinde, Prakash Suravase, Hrudaynath Rane, Karan Bendre, Vijayasuman, Child artist Advait Railkar and many fresh faces will also be seen in this film. With genuine and crisp performances of well-known artists the film has come out with a super shine. More than the life of Ramdas Swami, the film “Shri Ram Samarth” more elaborately narrates and pierces present day situation in the society. The major historical incidents from the film comment exactly on the excellent administration and also about the administrators. The story, screenplay and dialogues are by Prakash Jadhav, Manoj Yerunkar and Vitthal Ambure. Cinematography is by Sameer Athalye, Editing by Subodh Narkar, Art by Mahendra Raut and choreography done by sujit kumar.  The film based on the life of an intellectual and a staunch devotee of Ramraya, Rashtrasant Ramdas Swami titled “Shri Ram Samarth” is sure to explain a very important mantra of a fulfilled life. Entertaining as well as enlightening, the film provides a great chance for entire family from 1st November 2019.

TAANDAV to release on 24 May 2019

Abhishek Production presentation, produced and written by Subhash Ganpatrao Kakade and directed by Santosh Chimaji Jadhav TAANDAV press conference was held at Mumbai. The concept of the whole film is given by Rameshwar Ganapatrao Kakade.

Sayaji Shinde, Aashish Warang, Smita Dongre, Aniket K, Deepak Desai and others were present on the occasion.

The film is about woman empowerment. Pooja Raibagi plays lady police inspector Kirti Marathe Patil. Pooja was casted among almost 200 actresses. She was given training of fitness, fight, bike riding etc.

Talking about the character Sayaji Shinde told, “I am playing a minister who is corrupt politician.” Arun Nalawade plays an honest police. Aniket Kanzarkar plays lawyer who always stand by Kirti.

TAANDAV will hit the screens on 24 May 2019.

BAABO first look unveiled

Malhar Films Creations upcoming film BAABO first look was unveiled on social media. The film is produced by Sachin Baburao Pawar and Trupti Sachin Pawar, directed by Ramesh Sahebrao Chaudhary, story by Arvind Jagtap.

BAABO stars Sayaji Shinde, Kishor Kadam, Bharat Ganeshpure, Kishor Chougule, Pratiksha Munagekar, Nisha Parulekar, Vijay Nikam, Jaywant Wadkar, Ramesh Chaudhary, Vinod Shinde, Amol Kagne, Manjiri Yashwant, Smita Dongare, Priya Ubale, Arun Shinde, Pushpa Chaudhary, Prakash Bhagwat, Vaishali Dabhade and Aakash Gharat.

The film will release on 31 May 2019.

Gay Rights activists Maya Jafer supports the film Hansa- Ek Sanyog

International gay and human rights activists Maya Jafer, who has her roots in the south of India has recently come forward in supporting Hansa Ek Sanyog which is made on the current situation of the third gender in our society.

Maya Jaffer is an actress, dancer, doctor and activist and been a constant supporter of the comprehensive immigration reform. On finding out about the movie’s concept she came forward to show her support for the movie without any hesitation.

Being an activist herself Maya knows the importance of giving a voice to the people belonging to that community and to be making a movie on such a concept would not only give their community some breathing space but reasons to keep their heads held up high.

Hansa-Ek Sanyog has a variety of star cast with Akhilendra Misra, Aman Verma, Mona Lisa, Sharad Saxena, Vaishnavi Macdonald, Ayush Shrivastava, Ayush Chandraker being some of the few names.

The producers along with the cast recently launched the trailer of the film in Mumbai and the production house has since then got to hear only good things about the movie. The film’s concept is catching the eyes of the majority of the cult audiences and has been receiving a lot of love and support from the LGBTQ Community throughout the nation.

Sapna Choudhary launches the trailer of ‘Hansaa -Ek Sanyog’

Popular performer turned Actor, Sapna Choudhary recently launched the trailer of Chitragrahi Films “Hansaa Ek Sanyog “at Andheri, Mumbai on 13th February, 2019. The movie carries a social message and showcases the plight of the third gender in our community.

Suresh Sharma very proudly announced his main motive of making the film stating, “In due course of making this film, I have met a lot of people from the third gender community, but one thing common amongst all of them is that they were disowned from their families and society as well. This is the mindset that I want to change and I hope through this film I am able to bring a strong acceptance of equality ,for the third gender community in our society.”

The film is a multi-starrer film starring actors like Akhilendra Mishra, Sharat Saxena, Sayaji Shinde, Deepshikha Nagpal, Aman Verma, Vaishnavi Macdonald, Mantra Patel and Ayush Shrivastava.

“The main reason for me to sign this film is because I have seen the situations of the third gender in our society and if there is something I could do about it, I would surely like to help and do my bit to get them the place in the society that they deserve.” said actor Akhilendra Mishra who will be seen playing a Kinnar Guru in the film.

The film is directed by Santosh Kashyap and Dhiraj Verma and written by Santosh Kashyap itself. The film will be released under the banner Chitragrahi Films and the music will be launched by Zee Music Company.

Omkar Dixit debuts with PERFUME

The fresh face Omkar Dixit debuts with upcoming Marathi film PERFUME. The film is releasing on 1st March 2019.

About his debut, the super excited Omkar says, “I am playing a guy from poor background. A beautiful girl enters his life and how his life changes, is the journey of the guy. Working in PERFUME will be my ever memorable experience. I started preparations from 2016 to get into the skin of the character. I stared going to gym, swimming, cycling etc. Also worked on dictions, language, acting, expressions etc.”

Amol Laxman Kagne and Laxman Kagne of Amol Kagne Films presentation, producers Dr. Hemant Dixit and Omkar Dixit of H.R.Filmdom’s film PERFUME is releasing on 1st March 2019. Swapnil Dixit is production head.

The film is directed by Karan Tandane. The film introduces Omkar Dixit and also stars Monalisa Baagal, Chinmay Mandlekar, Abhijit Chavhan, Sayaji Shinde, Anil Nagarkar, Kamlesh Sawant, Bhagyashri Nhalve and Heena Panchal.

The story is written by Kishor Girhe, cinematography by Karan Tandel, editing by Paul Sharma.

PERFUME music launched

Amol Laxman Kagne and Laxman Kagne of Amol Kagne Films presentation, producers Dr. Hemant Dixit and Omkar Dixit of H.R.Filmdom’s film PERFUME music was launched in presence of cast and crew. Swapnil Dixit is production head.

Releasing on 1st March, the film is directed by Karan Tandane. The film introduces Omkar Dixit and also stars Monalisa Baagal, Chinmay Mandlekar, Abhijit Chavhan, Sayaji Shinde, Anil Nagarkar, Kamlesh Sawant, Bhagyashri Nhalve and Heena Panchal.

The story is written by Kishor Girhe, cinematography by Karan Tandel, editing by Paul Sharma.

The album of film has four tracks composed by Ajit Parab. The lyrics are penned by Mangesh Kangane, Vidyadhar Bhave and Mugdha Cholankar. The songs are sung by Harshwardhan Wavare, Ajit Parab, Anandi Joshi, Mugdha Sabnis and Urmila Dhangar.

Raj Sarkar’s FLICKER rolls on

Mahek Films presentation, producer Raj Sarkar’s debut film FLICKER shoot began. Talking about the film Raj said, “My film will not only entertain but also give Mantra about life. My film has nice story, melodious music, eye catching presentation and hence audience will definitely like it.”

Rajveer Sarkar is debuting as an actor with FLICKER. The film stars Tanvi Kishor, Sayaji Shinde, Sanjay Mone, Shubhangi Latkar, Pooja Pawar, Arun Kadam, Gaurav Ghatnekar, Manisha Kelkar, Mausami Tondwalkar, Vishakha Subhedar, Prabhakar More, Sayali Jadhav and Pratiksha Shirke.

The film is directed by Amol Padave who has also written the story. Mahesh Pawaskar is associate director and Sandeep Kale is executive producer. The music is composed by Ilaya Raja and cherry on the cake is ‘Kolaveri D’ fame Dhanush has sung a song. The screenplay is written by Jay Atre and Mandar Cholkar, dialogues by Sameer Samant and Mandar Cholkar, cinematography by Udaysingh Mohite, art direction by Prashant Rane.

Aman Verma to play a negative role in “Hansa – Ek Sanyog”

Aman Verma popularly known for his role in the movie ‘Baghban’ and also as the host of ‘Khullja Sim Sim’ is all set to play a lawyer in his upcoming movie ‘Hansa-Ek Sanyog’ which is produced by Suresh Sharma and directed by Santosh Kashyap & Dhiraj Verma, the movie is based on the third gender (Kinnar) community and their issues for equality in the society.

Aman Verma is seen playing the role of a strong headed and a very aggressive lawyer, “I loved playing this character, he is an aggressive and a really strong headed person who would go to any extent in order to win a case and always wants everyone under his wing.” When asked about his views on the Kinnar community he said, “The third gender is there in the society and we see them everywhere, so shying away and not giving them their place in society is really sad. And they are neglected by the society,that is why they are considered as third gender community, if you give them a job as that of any normal human they are ready to work.” He further added, “Even today in the voters list when they ask you for your sex it just has two boxes male & female there is no third box and that’s how it is.”

“I overall had a brilliant experience and I hope such kinds of films are made more often so that the hidden part of the society which many people don’t want to talk about can come in the open.”

With the movie ‘Hansa-Ek Sanyog’ the director duo are trying to showcase the struggle that the Kinnar community face and the problems that they have to go through in order to earn their daily livelihood with dignity. The movie also includes actors like Ayush Shrivastava, Mantra Patel, Master Ayushmann, Sharad Saxena, Sayaji Shinde, Vaishnavi Macdonald, Akhilendra Mishra, Deepshika Nagpal, Ishtiyak Khan, Bachan Pachera, Pankaj Shukla & Neelam Pandey.

PERFUME teaser poster launched

Amol Kagne and Laxman Kagne of Amol Kagne Studios presentation, H R Filmdom’s producers Dr. Hemant Dixit and Omkar Dixit’s film PERFUME teaser poster was launched on social media. The film is directed by Karan Tandle who has also done cinematography.

PERFUME stars Omkar Dixit and Monalisa Bagal in lead with Chinmay Mandlekar, Abhijit Chavhan, Sayaji Shinde, Anil Nagarkar, Kamlesh Sawant and Bhagyashree Nhalve.