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Over the Moon!

While attending parties and events seem to be the usual for anyone part of showbiz, such is not the case for actor Moon Banerrjee currently seen in the TV soap Muskaan. The actor says that she finds it rather tiresome to attend these get-togethers. “I’m labeled as an extremely antisocial person amongst my friends. I feel a certain kind of pressure as it takes too much effort to attend events and parties. House parties work the best for me. For me, a bunch of close-knit people like friends and family is good enough for chilling,” she says.

She has a few close friends from the industry who she likes to hang out with. “I don’t have many friends but a few from the TV industry like Chitrashi Rawat, Sayantani Ghosh, and Delnaaz Irani are my close friends,” she says.

Producer Amol Kagne to make his acting debut with Milind Ukey’s ‘Monsoon Football’

After receiving many national and international awards as a film producer and presenter for his movies like Halal, Lathe Joshi, 31st October, Perfume; Amol Kagne is all set to make his acting debut with Milind Ukey’s ‘Monsoon Football’ which is a UKEY Film Production in association with Vivid Sportz. Amol who is a Maharashtrian by birth will be seen playing the character of a Gujarati husband to one of the female leads in the film.

When asked about his preparation for his role Amol said, “It’s a good opportunity for me to be a part of such good films. The character that I am playing is that of a Gujarati husband and is very challenging for me as I am a Maharashtrian so I learned Gujarati from my make-up dada on the set and also spent a lot of time with one of my Gujarati friend from whom I picked up some tips for the behaviorism. I also had to gain around 6kgs of weight for my role in this film.”

Amol who holds a degree in Nitya Shastra at Lalit Kala Kendra from Pune university has done over 26 theatre plays and has produced over 5 films. He has also acted in National School of Drama( Bharat Ranga Mahotsav) His movies ‘Halal’ and ‘31st October’ were also screened at Cannes film festival, Asian film festival, London Indian film festival, Goa International Film festival and Pune international film festival.  While speaking to Milind Ukey about his experience of working with Amol Kagne he said, “Amol is a very sensitive actor. The character that I gave him is difficult. It has many layers, but Amol did lots of research and made his last-minute preparations so he could perform his scenes very powerfully. I am sure audience will take special notice of his acting.”

Along with Amol Kagne the audience will also get a chance of seeing talented actresses like Sagarika Ghatge, Chitrashi Rawat, Vidya Malvade, Delnaaz Irani, Pritam Kagne and Usha Naik playing football in a sari along with sports shoes. The film showcases the fight of the housewives to bring back their identity which they lost after becoming a housewife. The film is expected to hit the multiplexes by January 2019. Amol Kagne will also be seen as a lead role in the upcoming movies like Babo, Ahilya, Jhol Jhal & Bhonga, Arrange Marriage.

Abhishek Sharrma: It was a dream come true to share screen with Shah Rukh Khan

Tumhari Sulu fame, child actor Abhishek Sharrma is going places. The young actor who was appreciated for his role and someone who is a regular in popular ads, could not believe his luck when he got to act in a commercial that had Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in it. He says, “I have acted with Vidya Balan. And it was great. But when I saw that Shah Rukh sir standing in front of me for the shoot of an ad, I had to pinch myself. At first, I was very nervous, but he is such a humble and a thorough professional, that he put me at ease. It was a wonderful learning experience acting with him. I am so happy that I get to work with such superstars early on in my career.”

Meanwhile, the actor has done interesting short films with prolific directors like Vir Hirani (son of Raju Hirani) and will be part of a Bollywood film which is being directed by Rajat Kapoor. Ask him about it and he innocently says, “I don’t understand much about what is good or bad but whatever is offered to me, I do it with my whole heart. Then everything good, follows. Even when I did Tumhari Sullu, I just did my scenes well. And then everyone was recognising me at school and on the streets.”

Abhishek has also done many other ads for big brands like Rasna and Nataraj along with Vadilal Ice Cream and Coldarain syrup, and recently shot for the promo of a cartoon channel.

A film with Vidya Balan and an interesting ad project with Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek is proud that has God’s blessings. He says, “My parents specially my mother supports me. And having Shah Rukh Khan to work with was definitely blessings from the Almighty.”

Abhishek Sharrma the new popular kid on the social media world

The child actor Abhishek Sharrma has become the most popular Indian star kids on the social media networking sites ever since he joined the social media world. The cute kid who was last seen in hit film Tumhari Sulu with the talented actress Vidya Balan, can easily be called as a show stealer as his charm is still been visible on his social media accounts. In a span of just one month Abhishek seems to has taken over the internet by storm in keeping his fans updated with his ongoing projects and his day to day fulfilled life routine.

His popularity can be visibly seen by his followers count which has outgrown in leaps and bounds in such a short duration thereby making him as one of the most popular child actor. His fans are awestruck by his cuteness as his this particular video of him showing off his moves on Punjabi songs for his uncle’s wedding got a high number of hits in just few minutes. That is not all! This multi talented kid shows best of his mimickery skills through few fun dubsmash videos proving yet again that he is filled with abundance of talent.

According to sources close to him, it is known that many young fans are going ahead and sending him personal messages on his account to get more information of his life. The adorable lad who was also seen in the short film ‘My Mother’s Wedding’ has made his fans berserk and has gained positive response from audience and industry members.

Adding further, source says Abhishek is a gadget freak and loves to use apps for his inquisitiveness about cars and various other science related topics which is reflected in his post on social media.

Kids these days are smart and adapt to environment more quickly and they are well aware of the new technologies and apps that make them confident at a very early age and Abhishek Sharrma the child actor is one such example.

Post ‘Tumhari Sulu’ Abhishek Sharrma bags yet another film

‘Tumhari Sulu’ child star Abhishek Sharrma who has been day by day surprising us with his amazing performances and unique roles has yet another surprise for his fans.

With his unique performances in the movie ‘Tumhari Sulu’ and his latest short film ‘My Mothers Wedding’ the talented kiddo bagged another film with the ace Director Rajat Kapoor. Yes that is right! As per the sources Abhishek Sharrma has been shooting for his latest film ‘Kadakh’ directed and written by Rajat Kapoor alongside Ranveer Shorey and Tara Sharma Saluja. The film is likely to be released at the end of the year. The details of the film is not yet revealed. What kind of a role Abhishek Sharrma will play in this film? This is what makes us excited for the film Kadakh.

According to a source, “The shooting of the film has already begun and talented actors like Shruti Seth, Tara Sharma Saluja, Ranveer Shorey, Palomi Ghosh, Cyrus Sahukar and Abhishek Sharrma will be seen together on one screen. It is surely a film that will keep audience on the edge their seats… stay tuned.”

Abhishek Sharrma, the star boy of Tumhari Sulu is all set for bigger projects

‘Tumhari Sulu’s Pranav aka child actor Abhishek Sharrma is the talk of the town these days. Having played the role of Vidya Balan’s son, a T-series film the little actor has been heaped with praises. After the release of the movie ‘Tumhari Sulu’ Abhishek Sharrma got recognized for his amazing and brilliant performance in the movie. Post launch of the movie Abhishek worked in various short films and will be working with the National Award winning Director giving fantastic performances leaving audience awestruck.

Abhishek Sharrma has proved today that there is no age limit for a person to work what they truly love and that one’s goal can be achieved if they set their mind to it. His recently released short film ‘My Mothers Wedding’ blowed the minds of the audiences with his brilliant emotional scene. With the growing talent and fame Abhishek would take projects that are big and ambitious. Its his dream to work with bigger stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan.

Talking more about this Abhishek mentioned, “Working with Vidya Ma’am on ‘Tumahari Sulu’ set, I felt confident that acting is what I want to do in the future too. It would be more exciting if I get to work with Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan who I truly admire.”

Sanil Gosavi’s most awaited short film ‘My Mother’s Wedding’ premiere held

All roads led to lightbox on Sunday where Sanil Gosavi’s most awaited short film ‘My Mother’s Wedding’ was all set for its first release. The short film featuring Delnaaz Irani was great hit and the response for the same was beyond imagination.

The short film My Mother’s Wedding revolved around a beautiful relationship between mother and son. Along with the amazing performance of the actors in the film the thing that stunned its viewers was the beautiful emotional touch given to it.

The premiere of the short film touched the hearts of many bringing in an emotional twist to the film. The actors present at the premiere were Namik Paul, Suresh Menon, Sambhavna Seth, Salil Ankola, Ambika Rajankar and many more.

In the conversations with actors present there Suresh Menon mentioned, “My Mother’s Wedding is a must watch. Its a beautiful film with a perfect concept, storyline and beautiful acting. The film got all of us into tears and would ask all you guys to watch everyone to watch the film.”

Vidya Balan’s on screen son Abhishek Sharrma is on a roll post ‘Tumhari Sulu’

The new cute face of the film industry Abhishek Sharrma has come a long way from being featured in famous advertisements to films with big names. This boy has shown his variant talents at such a young age that definitely leaves us awestruck with the efforts that he puts in.

Abhishek who has recently appeared on a bigger screen with Vidya Balan, who played as her son ‘Pranav’ in the movie ‘Tumahari Sulu’ has proved that he can play different roles with the same energy and charisma that has caught eyes of many talented directors. After the amazing characters played by him Abhishek is all set to do yet another short film ‘My Mother’s Wedding’ , alongside Delnaaz Irani. The film is directed by Sanil Gosavi that will be released on 28th January 2018. Abhishek’s character is a surprise element that will definitely put you in tears at the end of the movie.

Sharing the experience of working on ‘My Mother’s Wedding’ Abhishek with confidence states, “It was really exciting experience to work along with Delnaaz Irani, I am really happy because I have seen her playing the role of Sweetu in ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, and I always end up laughing.”

Delnaaz Irani urf Odhni to meet with an accident in Ek Deewana Tha

The multi-talented actress Delnaaz Irani who has always seen playing sweet and playful characters is now seen taking roles filled with actions and thrilling sequences. From taking different avtars in the show to performing stunts Delnaaz has successfully played all possible roles in the ‘Ek Deewana Tha’.

With the show currently reaching its peak and intense tracks Odhni will be seen performing some serious action stunts and fighting against the evil men who leave no stone unturned in an attempt to kill her. The upcoming track shows Vyom sending men along with a truck to kill Odhni where she successfully rescues her partner Feddy but herself comes under the truck.

Sharing the experience of these action sequences Delnaaz mentioned ,” Honestly I have always been a no to the actions scenes but the show required such scene I have in myself. This show has actually been very dear to me as I have done every possible thing in this one show which I must have never done in my past. So yes this show is taking some interesting turns and sure you all would be curious to know of Odhni is alive or dead”.

Sanil Gosavi produces his new short film ‘My Mothers Wedding’

Sanil Gosavi is a complete package filled with talents. From being the runners up in the Fresh Face of Bombay to creating YouTube channel where he reviews the movie is what defines him in true sense. Sanil Gosavi who has entered the field of short films is popularly known for focusing on the topics that many people do not relate to. One of his previous short film ‘My 5 minutes with God’ had created a lot of buzz in the industry which left people thinking and giving them a new perspective.

Sanil Gosavi is now all set to move forward with a bigger project with Revolutionnare Picture Productions titled ‘My Mother’s Wedding’ featuring Delnaaz Irani which is to be released on 28th January 2018. It is a story that shares a social message about how life moves on and sometimes you have to accept the things the way they are.

Parinaaz Billimoria urf Delnaaz Irani an ordinary Parsi woman is all set to get married for the second time to a Catholic man. Parinaaz son is shown to be understanding and decides to arrange a wedding for his mother. The story focuses on the importance of respecting others decision that make them happy.

Sharing his experience about producing a film Sanil mentioned, “Well this is the first time i have produced a film, my previous work has been more of production and direction. Hence, this is my first movie as a producer which gets excited as well as nervous at the same time. Delnaaz saying yes made all of this happen in the first place. We found a great investor who put his money where his mouth was and believed in us to carry out this mammoth task”.