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‘Vicky Velingkar’ teaser released

Producers Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartk D Nishandar of GSEAMS in association with Dancing Shiva and Pranay Chokshi,  release teaser of  Marathi film ‘Vicky Velingkar’.

Mask Man featured in the teaser creates buzz among film goers Vicky Velingkar featuring Sonalee Kulkarni in lead role, is set to hit the screens all over the Maharashtra on 6th December 202.

Producers Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartk D Nishandar of GSEAMS in association with presenters Pranay Chokshi and Dancing Shiva Production released the first look of actress Sonalee Kulkarni and glimpse of special character Mask Man and Actress Sruha Joshin from the Marathi film Vicky Velingkar recently. After the overwhelming response to the three posters of the film, producers now released its new teaser of Marathi Film ‘Vicky Velingkar’ which has created a buzz among the filmgoers. Directed by Saurabh Varma, ‘Vicky Velingkar’ features Sonalee Kulkarni, Spruha Joshi, Vineeta Kharat, Kettan Singh, Jui Pawar, Gaurav More, Sangram Samel and Rama Joshi.

The teaser depicts a more dreaded and scary face of the Mask Man, being introduced in Marathi films for the first time. Actress in lead role Sonalee Kulkarni is seen running for her life in the scary scene with the screen displaying the words “Will she be able to save herself from the clutches of the bad time.” The words hint at something terrific that to happen to the lady. This scares more to the audience. At one point Sonalee says, “Life if full of surprises.” The cine lovers can expect more surprises to be unveiled in the film once it released on December 6, 2019. The teaser is created flutter on the social media.

‘Vicky Velingkar’ is a comic book artist and a clock seller who entangles in an unexpected Life Mystery. The film is about a female underdog who rises against all odds” says Saurabh Varma, director who has Mickey Virus, 7 Hours to Go and other films to his credit as director.

Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartk D Nishandar of GSEAMS said, “The teaser has been well received on the social media and creates curiosity among the audience. The film is one- of- its-kind experience in Marathi and it is witnessed in the teaser.”

Presented by Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartk D Nishandar in association with Dancing Shiva and Pranay Choksi and Directed by Saurabh Varma and is produced by GSEAMS, Anuya Chauhan Kudecha, Ritesh Kudecha, Sachin Lokhande & Atul Tarkar.

First poster of Swwapnil Joshi starer ‘Bali-The Victim’ unveiled

Marathi audience will soon have the feast of a film in an entirely different genre releasing early next year. Produced by Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartik D Nishandar of GSEAMS, ‘Bali-The Victim’, the film will have Swwapnil Joshi in a lead role. Film’s first poster released recently has received overwhelming response on the social media. Lapachhapi, Criminal Justice-fame Vishal Furiya is directing the film.

The first poster depicts a Cross in it, highlighting the background of serious happenings around the scene. The poster gives an idea about its release in 2020. The curiosity about the story of the film and the look and role of the ‘Chocalate Boy’ Swwapnil Joshi has gone northward in the minds of the film lovers and has created a buzz in the industry.

Talking about the film, Swapnil Joshi, said, “I had promised audience of the Marathi film to explore new genre this year. This film is a small step taken by me in that direction. I am very happy to get into the horror space. I am happier that I have got an opportunity to do it with my favorite people like Kartik, Arjun and favorite director in this field Vishal. I am sure that we together could ‘scare’ the people making them enjoy it.”

Director of the film Vishal Furiya had directed Marathi film Lapachhapi recently. It was his first film and had been hit on the silver screen. He has also directed Criminal Justice, the popular web series, with Tigmanshu Dhulia.

“Lapachhapi was well received by the Marathi audience proving that they love the horror genre. Appreciating it, I really want to continue making horror films for the Marathi audience. With a star like Swwapnil, who has been loved by the audience, on board and maverick producers Arjun and Kartik backing my second horror film, I promise to make it bigger and scarier than Lapachhapi,” said Vishal Furiya, director of the film.

Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartik Nishandar of the GSEAMS (Global Sports Entertainment and Media Solutions Private Limited) are the producers of the film. Mogara Phulalaa, Vicky Welingkar, Fugey, Tula Kalanar Nahi, Ranangan were the films produced and the film Bhikari was presented by the GSEAMS. GSEAMS is Maharashtra’s leading studio into film production and presentation, Television production, talent management, film marketing and promotion and satellite coordination.

Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartik D Nishandar said, “We are happy to venture into a new genre of Horror films. What could be a better choice than having Vishal Furiya as a director after his success as director of Lapachhapi. The film is considered as one of the top ten horror films in the country. We also have one of the top actors in the industry Swwapnil Joshi in lead role. He is like a family member for us. Even for him, this would be an opportunity in his career to explore a different genre.”

Blending tradition and modernity “Shri Ram Samarth” released on 1st November

Films live forever with the scintillating songs that remain in the memory of viewers. Songs remaining on the lips of the music lovers take them to a different world altogether. “Shri Ram Samarth” is a film that is complete with such excellent music as well as entertainment for the entire family is released in entire Maharashtra on the 1st November 2019. Produced by Ashwini Maheshwari from Vipra Entertainment and Deepa Suravase from Dishadeepa Films, this film are being presented by Bharati Zumbarlal Rathi and Sanjay Rathi. The original concept of the film “Shri Ram Samarth” directed by Santosh Todankar is by Advocate Mrs Vijaya pravin Maheshwari. While explaining the importance of physical exercise and chanting, many aspects of his ideals and guidance will be opened up in the film “Shri Ram Samarth”.

Understanding exact meaning of the word “Sawdhan” meaning “alert” at the time of marriage, Narayan is a 12 year old boy who matures to get engrossed in the worship of Deity Ram and to earn huge knowledge and finally enlightenment. All this can be seen in the life of Saint Ramdas Swami. The Film also shows how he was a true supporter and epitome for honor of women and their empowerment.  The music for the film has been set by duo Sanjay Marathe and Mahesh Naik. Eminent singer Avdhoot Gupte, Adarsh Shinde and newcomer Balasaheb Sawant and Meena Nikam have beautifully rendered FIVE songs from the film complimenting each other. A song that would become favored as heart of picnic for the youth today “U Turn” can be said to be a connecting link between two generations. Our favorite Shri Ganesh Aaarti “Sukhkarta Dukh harta” can be heard with a different tune. This song rendered by eminent singer Adarsh Shinde in the grandeur of his voice can be experienced during the film. The Aarti “Durge Durgat Bhari” explaining the glory of Womanhood and sung as a chorus is another addition to the music score of the film. The Maruti Aarti written by Rashtrasant Ramdas Swami “Satrane Uddane” has been set to tune can be heard in the voice of singer Babasaheb Sawant along with actual scenes from 11 Maruti temples in various parts of Maharashtra. This song written by Baba Chavhan has been sung by singer Meena Nikam and Balasaheb Sawant. 28 verses from the volume “Dasbodh” provide exact meaning for dialogues of the film. Providing additional information about the same, Music Director duo Sanjay Marathe and Mahesh Naik said that the traditional music has been blended with trendy style so that setting of the film should not look odd. In fact this was the biggest challenge. Another was that of setting words by Ramdas Swami in to tune. For example we had prepared eight different tunes for Aarti “Sukh Karta Dukh Harta” from the film. We also shouldered the challenge of binding the historical period of Ramdas Swami and the present period in to the background music that we provided for the film.

The concept of clean surroundings and prosperous society that was rooted 400 years ago is proving immensely important even today. Actor Shantanu Moghe, Mahesh Kokate, Actress Alka Kubal-Athalye, Saurabh Gokhale, Sayaji Shinde, Prakash Suravase, Hrudaynath Rane, Karan Bendre, Vijayasuman, Child artist Advait Railkar and many fresh faces will also be seen in this film. With genuine and crisp performances of well-known artists the film has come out with a super shine. More than the life of Ramdas Swami, the film “Shri Ram Samarth” more elaborately narrates and pierces present day situation in the society. The major historical incidents from the film comment exactly on the excellent administration and also about the administrators. The story, screenplay and dialogues are by Prakash Jadhav, Manoj Yerunkar and Vitthal Ambure. Cinematography is by Sameer Athalye, Editing by Subodh Narkar, Art by Mahendra Raut and choreography done by sujit kumar.  The film based on the life of an intellectual and a staunch devotee of Ramraya, Rashtrasant Ramdas Swami titled “Shri Ram Samarth” is sure to explain a very important mantra of a fulfilled life. Entertaining as well as enlightening, the film provides a great chance for entire family from 1st November 2019.

Its wrap up for Mukta Arts’ VIJETA

Mukta Arts production VIJETA shoot is wraped up. On 23rd October a wrap up party was organized along with Diwali Celebrations. On the occasion show man Subhash Ghai were present along with cast and crew.

VIJETA stars Subodh Bhave, Pooja Sawant, Sushant Shelar, Madhav Deochake, Manasi Kulkarni, Tanvie Kishore, Devendra Choughule, Krutika Tulaskar, Dipti Dhotre, Pritam Kagne, Gaurish Shipurkar and Lalit Sawant.

The film is written & directed by Amol Shetge, Produced by Rahul Puri, Co-Produced by Suresh Pai, DOP Uday Singh Mohite, Music by Rohan Rohan, Editor Ashish Mhahtre,  Production Designed by Sunil Nigvekar, Publicity Design by Saket Shrikant, PRO Pradnya Shetty & Prem Jhangiani, Assitant Director Mahesh Pavaskar.

Trailer of COPY unveiled with great splendor

Today Marathi Cinema has slowly inched its way to the top echelons as far as the content and uniqueness are concerned. There are a lot of reasons why the box office is becoming kinder to Marathi Cinema. One such ‘different’ kind of impactful film which is the centre of discussions these days is Copy, which talks about an inflammative issue in the society. The trailer of the film which has already been showcased in various film festivals was unveiled with great fanfare recently.

Ganesh Ramchandra Patil has produced Copy under the banner of Sri Mahalakshmi Creations. It is pertinent to note that Ganesh Patil has also conceived the basic idea of the film. Copy presented by Palash Bhimshi Wadhan’s Bharat Axim had its splendid trailer launch in the presence of the producer and the director duo, besides the cast an d the crew of the film. Dayasagar Wankhede and Hemant Dhabade have directed the film which sets out to drive home the message that though education is the dire need of the hour today, it is being marketed as a tool shamelessly with impunity. Because of the neglect by the powers that be, the plight of the teachers, students and the parents of the wards have become worse. If on one hand the parents try their level best to impart education to their wards, on the other hand, the wards too set out to prove their prowess through various examinations. The teachers also have a lot of questions which have been left unanswered. The director duo has set out to dissect the pros and cons of the system of education through the film Copy.

The film has won a lot of accolades when it was showcased at a lot of festivals including Asian Film Festival, Los Angeles Cine Festival, Sanskruti Kala Darpan Festival, the 55th State Awards etc. Producer Ganesh says that the film which has received a lot of applause will, make people pause and ponder about the education system in a different way. As the Marathi audiences have always encouraged good and different kind of content, Copy which si a realistic film will also be liked by them, assert the director duo Wankhede and Dhabade.

Actors who have lent justice to the thought provoking issue which has been tackled in then film are Milind Shinde, Anshuman Vichare, Jagganath Nivangune, Kamlesh Sawant, Suresh Vishwakarma, Nita Dhonde, Anil Nagarakar, Rahul Belapurkar, Ashutosh Wadkar, Poonam Rane, Saurabh Sutar, Praveen Kapade, Ravi Virkar, Shraddha Sawant, Adnesh Madhushingarkar, Prateek Lad, Rohit Sonawane, Pratiksha Sable, Shivaji Patne, Sikandar Mulani, Aarti Pathak, Sanika Nirmal, Siddhi Patne and Vidhi Bhagwat. The director duo has also written the screenplay of the film for which Dayasagar has penned the dialogues. Rahul Salve as written the lyrics while the music has been composed by the new generation of music director duo Rohan-Rohan & Vasant Kadu. Sound has been designed by Sameer Shelar. Santanio Tezio has cranked the camera while Sandeep Kuchikorve is the art director. The Executive Producer is Ravindra Tukaram Harle. The makeup is by Ilias Sheikh and Jai Ghonge, Kapinder Singh, Saket Chaudhary and Navnat Govekar are the production managers.

Madhuri Dixit, Ajay Devgn Shared The Trailer Of ‘Hirkani’

It was on the night of Kojagiri that ‘Hirkani’ had shown the courage to descend the steep edges of Raigad, to meet her baby. It is on the very occasion of Kojagiri that the trailer of the movie Hirkani was recently released for the audience to commemorating this courageous feat.

This is the story of a simple milkmaid Hirkani, lovingly called Hira, living at the foothills of Raigad. It depicts Hira’s courage as a mother. As the doors of the fort shut after sunset Hirkani is stuck at the fort and her baby remains alone at home. The thought that her baby is alone and hungry gets Hirkani so anxious and worried that on the night of Kojagiri she takes up the seemingly impossible task of descending the steep edges of the fort.

The trailer gives us glimpses of all the difficulties Hirkani faced on her way down the fort. Actress Sonalee Kulkarni has portrayed the role of Hirkani beautifully. Actor Ameet Khedekar can be seen along with Sonalee in the role of ‘Jiva’. A historical story, a fresh pair, and the melodious songs are surely going to increase the anticipation around the movie. The trailer of this movie is getting a positive response from the audience. Bollywood actors like Madhuri Dixit, Ajay Devgn shared the trailer of Hirkani on their twitter accounts and expressed their appreciation for it.

Directed by Prasad Oak, written by Chinmay Mandlekar, ‘Hirkani’ is based on the story of a courageous mother, produced under the banner of Irada Entertainment in association with MAGIJ Pictures. Falguni Patel is a producer and Lawrence D’Souza is a co-producer. Rajesh Mapuskar is the Creative Producer of this movie. ‘Hirkani’ is all set to hit the theatres on the 24th of October.

Pushkar Jog and Amruta Khanvilkar first time together in ‘Well Done Baby’

After the success of Marathi film TI AND TI, Anand Pandit Motion Pictures, Mohan Nadaar & Goosebumps Entertainment announces there yet another Marathi film ‘Well Done Baby’ on the auspicious day of Dashera.

The film will be starring Pushkar Jog and Amruta Khanvilkar for the first time together.  The shooting will commences from 21 October 2019 in London.

Devi Shaktipeeth Darshan in AADISHAKTI’s Navratri special episodes

Navratri festival is of nine days dedicated to Goddess Shakti and her nine incarnations.  Fakt Marathi Channel is celebrating Navratri by playing the special episodes of Devi Shaktipeeth from the show Aadishakti. There are total 51 Shaktipeetha temples out of which three and a half Shaktipeethas are situated in Maharashtra. Along with Saptashrungi, Mahurgarh, Tulja Bhawani and Kolhapur Mahalaxmi temples, other famous Devi temples across Maharashtra shall be shown under this Navratri special show. Accordingly, audience shall be able to watch Devi temples and related stories on their small screens at Fakt Marathi Channel.




Ankit Mohan as Yesaji Kank in FATESHIKAST

Ankit Mohan who got applauds in ‘Farzand’ now will be seen in FATESHIKAST as Yesaji Kank.

Ankit likes action and he wanted to do actions scenes himself. In one of the scene Ankit jumped from second floor.

He said, “I feel really lucky to play Yesaji. I am thankful to director Digpal Lanjekar for putting trust on me. I am sure audience will like my work.”

Films co-opration and Almonds Ctreation’s presentation, the film is written and directed by Digpal Lanjekar. The cinematography is by Reshami Sarkar, editing by Pramod Kahar, music and background score by Devdutt Manisha Baji, lyrics by Sant Tukaram Maharaj, V. S. Khandekar, Digpal Lanjekar, costumes by Pournima Oak, make-up by Sanika Gadgil, sound by Nikhil Lanjekar, stunts by Babbu Khanna, choreography by Subhash Nakathe and VFX by Illusion Ithirial Studios. Utkarsh Jadhav is executive producer.

FATESHIKAST will release on 15 November 2019.

APPA AANI BAPPA trailer released

Garima Productions presentation, Producer Garima Dhir and Jalaj Dhir’s first Marathi film APPA AANI BAPPA trailer was released in Mumbai. The film will hit the screens on 11 October 2019.

APPA AANI BAPPA stars Bharat Jadhav, Subodh Bhave, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Sampada Kulkarni, Shivani Rangole, Umesh Jagtap.

The story is written by Ashwani Dhir and Arvind Jagtap, cinematography by Surya Mishra, music by Sarang Kulkarni, Sayli Khare and Abhang Repost. Ajit Singh is line producer. The film is released by Panorama Studioz Distribution LLP.