Gracy Singh back to the Goddess character with &TV’s Santoshi Maa – Sunaye Vrat Kathayein

With the unprecedented success of Santoshi Maa launched in 2015 on &TV, the channel is yet again happy to bring to the viewers a socio-mythology show titled – Santoshi Maa – Sunaye Vrat Kathayein, new narrative set to focus on a completely different aspect of Vrat Kathayein, that hasn’t been explored before. Well known actress Gracy Singh is known as an artist and individual who has a sweet, gracious and poised demeanour and has successfully mesmerised audiences across Television as well as Bollywood industry overtime and continues to do so even today. Extremely mindful of the kind of roles she has taken up over the years, Gracy will now, once again be seen returning to the television screen with the role of Santoshi Maa in &TV’s offering.

Santoshi Maa – Sunaye Vrat Kathayein brings forth a strong theme and originates from Maa instilling the true purpose and beliefs behind fasting and proper ways of worshiping in order to fulfil wishes. Through Santoshi Maa, the show will present diverse beliefs and practices behind the emergence of every vrat (fasting), stating the proper means to worship to attain satisfaction. Talking about taking up the divine role once again Gracy shared, “Fans and well-wishers keep asking me the reason I take up only select roles when I am constantly offered various roles. Well, the reason is that with every character, I look for something deep that I can connect with on a personal level. The character of Maa Santoshi in my first stint with &TV’s Jai Santoshi Maa was extremely fulfilling for me and to bring out the essence once again is surreal. Playing a divine character isn’t easy, but there’s an inexplainable positivity that it brings along. With Santoshi Maa – Sunaye Vrat Kathayein, I hope the viewers will appreciate the effort each one of us puts in.”

Further adding Gracy said, “My affinity towards Maa Santoshi is what brings me back to the character, and I couldn’t be more happier accepting this. The show will focus on the importance of Vrats in our lives and how it can be used as a weapon to fight all our troubles and adversities”.

Celebrating the innate divinity and showcasing the power of Vrats through a beautiful narrative, the show is all set to take the audience on a journey of spiritual satisfaction.

Santoshi Maa – Sunaye Vrat Kathayein coming soon only on &TV

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