I burnt a rocket in my hand in my childhood …..Urvashi Rautela

To me Diwali has always been about spending time with family. I belong to Uttrakhand and my best memories of diwali are all with my loved ones in my hometown.

This year as well, I plan on doing the same. I am super excited to go to the mountains, breathe in fresh air and have a quite Diwali with my family. I am a very private person in real life, I seek pleasure out of the simple things in life.

Urvashi Rautela playing a Hoor Pari in John Abraham & Anil Kapoor starrer PAGALPANTI

Some of my fondest memories were during Diwali. I have done a lot of Pagalpanti during my childhood Diwali celebration, I use to burst a lot of crackers, eat mithai, get together with all my family members and enjoy the amazing food my mother made during the festival. One of the most Pagalpanti moment during Diwali was when I ended up bursting a rocket on my hand out of excitement. I don’t know what was I thinking when I lit it. But now I am an avid supporter and believer of celebrating a noise free & pollution free Diwali.

Diwali in smaller towns is all about a human connect and not that we don’t have it in Mumbai but when you are with your loved ones it is all the more special. We used to hang out with friends near the lake, go shopping and I used to buy my best dresses and wear them during the festival. I miss those times when Diwali used to be simple and fun.

Does the whole family meet up for Diwali Pooja ? (like your  cousins, aunts and uncles) 

Yes all of us come together on Diwali, I feel family gatherings is what makes up for the Diwali Pooja. My mother and aunts get together and make mithai and other savouries during the pooja. My cousins & I polish it off within seconds though! I love eating gujiya, puri, jalebis  during the season. Oh and also we are big on distributing gifts! The elders give gifts and blessings to all the youngsters in the family.

Apart from the rituals would you be playing cards and all? Or Do you attend card parties or have one at home?

I love attending card parties in Mumbai. Well, the thing is I would love to but unfortunately I do not know how to play cards! I am hoping this year someone will be patient enough to teach me and I learn it. But yes, I do love catching up with my friends during Diwali as this is the only time I can relax and chill with them.

Urvashi Rautela elated about entering the 20M club on Instagram and upcoming film ‘Pagalpanti’!

Do you distribute gifts to your friends and family (what sort of gifts)?

I love gifting people and expressing gratitude for whatever life has given to us. I love gifting my staff in the house. Like us diwali is important for them, too. I also gift my friends – not expensive gifts but gifts that will help them in their daily routine – like diyas, candles, puja items and small things that matter. I also give plants as gifts to a lot of people, I feel there’s no better gift than that.

What kind of food is served at home on Diwali day? 

Diwali food is full of calories but I go all out and don’t think about anything else! I eat all my favorite food during Diwali. I have a huge sweet tooth, you will constantly see me binging on kheer, gujiya, mathdi and Kaaju Katli during the festive period. Also, it’s a treat to have friends over and make them savour all the goodies.

At night after d Pooja do you burn firecrackers?

Not really, I feel the happiness is in lighting diyas. As I have mentioned I am a pro supporter of Noise Free & Pollution free Diwali.  I love animals and it is very heartbreaking to seem them suffer so much in silence.

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