Naezy’s starts his AAFAT Tour with a Bang at IIT Delhi Fest

Rap sensation Naezy, with his recent release Fatke kick started his Live Tour named after his first ever release – AAFAT at IIT Delhi’s festival, Rendezvous on 4th October . The show took place at the famous IIT football grounds with a capacity of over 10,000 people from colleges across the country.

Naezy has been on a roll with 5 releases already this year. Vahem, Dhoond Le, Rukta Nah, Aafat Waapas and most recently released Fatke, all focus on youth expression of Never Settle Spirit. Naezy’s music is his personal expression that also acts as anthems for millennial to use their time productively and follow their dreams unapologetically. Starting at one of India’s most prestigious college festival, the Aafat Tour will travel to other cities across Colleges, Clubs & Live Music Venues culminating into exam time in March. Big Bang Music & Naezy will be collaborating with Brands & upcoming Hip Hop Talent during this Pan-India Tour. The artist wants to continuously tell a story through his songs and hopes to reach the youth, not just in Bombay but in every other part of our country.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the Aafat Tour. I’m truly grateful”, said Naezy after his performance at Rendezvous, IIT Delhi. The energy of the 10,000+ crowd was electrifying, who danced, jumped and sang along to Naezy’s tunes. His latest track ‘fatke, was a big hit with the audience, apart from the usual crowd favourites like Aafat Waapas, Asal Hustle and Mere Gully Mein; which got students to take out their torchlights.

To surprise his fans, Naezy decided to visit one of the Boy’s Hostel on campus. “It was a crazy experience – “I just wanted to give back all the love they’d shown me and do something special for them. That’s what hip hop is all about,” said Naezy.

Gaurav Wadhwa, CEO and Co-founder at Big Bang Music said, “The news of the surprise visit shook up the whole hostel with young rappers busting some rhymes with their idol, playing carom and discussing musical influences. We’re looking at a completely different approach for engaging with our audiences, we’re looking to make it as personal as possible.” During the cypher, Naezy went live on his Instagram which caught the attention of Ranveer Singh who decided to cheer the crowd on through his messages.

Gully Boy, the movie inspired by Naezy’s life has now entered the Oscars and this act as proof that hard work always pays off. Naezy’s journey is one to watch out for and he’s embarking on yet another one with his debut tour named after his very first and closest to his heart song, Aafat.

About Big Bang Music: Big Bang Music is a new age pop label launched recently as a JV between Kwan and Sony Music. Under the leadership of its Co-Founder, Gaurav Wadhwa, Big Bang Music is building stars in Music to cater to the fast-growing Pop Culture Market and serve the growing need from Digital Content Platforms, Brands and Live Experiences for new age celebrities and fans who are digital natives.

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