SAVARKAR HAAZIR HO teaser and poster unveiled

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Vinayak Damodar Savarkar are two names which have always been referred to as a winsome twosome. If Gandhiji’s name is referred, automatically the name of Savarkar is also referred to in the next breath and also vice versa. The relationship between the two is so deep rooted though Savarkar was blamed for the Gandhi murder as a co-conspirator. Now the two have been brought over together in the same drama. May be it was not destine that the two names should be separated. Ironically on the day of Gandhiji’s 150th birth anniversary on October 2 this year, a film called “Savarkar Haazir Ho!” will be formally announced. The film is expected to be a rare eye opener for not only aficionados of films but also students and ardent admirers and followers of both Gandhiji as well as Savarkar.

Writer-director Dhyaneshwar Margaj has already unveiled the film’s poster as well as the teaser on the social media. The film will be produced by Dhyaneshwar Margaj under the banner of Aai Bagwati Devi Productions. Dhyansehwar Margaj is all set to make his debut as a director in Hindi films with “Savarkar Haazir Ho!” as a producer- director. The film will begin shooting by the end of this month and hey presto the date of the release of the film has also been announced as 30th January 2020. What is worth noting is that it was on the same day that ironically Gandhiji was assassinated way back in 1948. There is a lot of excitement over what exactly the content of the film is going to be and is shrouded in mystery.

Besides writing and directing TV serials like “Ek Wada,Zapatlela” and “Nivdung”. Dhyaneshwar Margaj has also written several columns for several newspapers. Dhyaneshwar Margaj who is a member of the University’s committee to improve Hindi as a language. From last 17 years he has also been a judge for one act plays as well as dance competitions. Handling of various themes vividly and leaving a lucid impact is one of the major highlights of Dhyaneshwar Margaj and the Ma Ta Samman award that he was bestowed with way back in 2008 stands a testimonial to his prowess. There is absolutely no doubt at all that Dhyaneshwar Margaj who shot to fame and position with his thesis on rural development is on his way to creating his own magic in the Hindi film industry and  create a stir of sorts with his debut directorial venture “Savarkar Haazir Ho!”

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