Celebs galore at Casting Director Harry Varma’s birthday party

Casting director Harry Varma’s birthday was celebrated at Maa Entertainment Studio Production House in Mumbai. Many celebrities came to birthday party and wished the birthday boy.

Mukesh Rishi, Aartii Nagpal, upcoming director and rapper Vedant Nagpal, Adi Irani, Shiva Rindani, Harry Josh, director Pradeep Khairvar, Actor Abraam Pandey, Aarti Razdan, Ada Khan, K. Ravi Dada and Veteran Media Photographer Ramakant Munde, journalist Vipul K. Shah along with Ranveer Gehlot, Raj Gupta, Divya Rai, Prerana Trivedi, Sanjay Gada, Amit Chaddha, Raju Tank, Preetam Sharma, Vishal Varma Virendra Mishra, and many more.

Also present were casting directors like Leena Choube, Subhash Pawar, Vineet Pandey, Aijaz Khan, Prashant Joshi, Bhuvanendra Singh, Aakash Jain and P C Chandra.

The special thing was One Rupee note having Harry’s birth date number which was given by Mr. Ashok Manwani.

The party went on till wee hours with beverages and delicious food.

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