Rapchee OTT App launched in presence of celebrities

Television is no longer the space for entertainment any more. Personal content viewing has given family entertainment a big run for its money and that’s just why there are OTT platforms that are picking up pace in the web world. And while a lot of big players in the OTT space are vying for customers and luring their attention with cheaper monthly subscription plans, soon enough the market will see the rise of a new player that’s sure to be lapped up readily by the masses. Going by the name of Rapchee App, this new OTT platform is soon to take over the content space. The unveiling of logo of the OTT APP was organised by Dharam Gupta at Ramada Palm Grove Hotel, Juhu.

Gauhar Khan, Rahul Roy, Jasleen Matharu, Kangana Sharma, Gehna Vashisth, Jyotsna Chandola, Tinaa Ghai, Sajan Agarwal, Dr. Yogesh Lakhani of Bright Outdoor, Hemant Birje, Nigar Khan and others came specially to attend the unveiling. Kangana Sharma performed live on this occasion

Helmed by the man with great business acumen and experience of more than a decade into production, Mr. Dharam Gupta, shares great vision behind building this OTT platform. “My app is not flimsy or superfluous with all the frills of big names attached, here content is the king whether or not it has big faces. I have worked in this line for the longest, and I am seeing the shift from Television to OTT platforms, which is why we planned to venture in this space, because this is the future. Also this app is also made for those production houses and people who have great scripts and shows but aren’t being able to sell them to the big wigs. I have seen this first hand, where all the bigger apps are just interested in names and faces, the content be damned, that’s not the case here. I am launching this platform so that many producers can find their way into showcasing their work.”

With great promise and potential, Rapchee App is said to be going live with 15 shows and while the curtain is just raised, there’s lots to follow. “The subscription is free for a year and while the customers will get a taste of great Indian content, there will also be a lots of international content up for consumption on this app. I am currently in process of tying up with content creators from 6 different countries and while I have already got 3 countries legally on board, 3 more are in the process. So while we will get to see their content in our local language, they too will get a taste of our content in their local language. Provisions are being made for that. Our shows will also be available in 10 regional languages, so people from every nook and corner can enjoy this content!” says Dharam Gupta.


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