Triloki evolves a soft corner for Omkar

Star Bharat’s popular show ‘Pyaar Ke Papad’ has won accolades for the chemistry between Omkar and Shivika. Meanwhile Triloki is evolving a soft corner for Omkar. He realizes that Omkar is the perfect match for her daughter Shivika.

Pyaar Ke Papad has a unique concept that revolves around the nok-jhok of Sasur and Damad. The concept of the show revolved around this concept and has entertained the audience with its major twist and turns. Omkar in the intial stages gave his best to win Shivika from her father. But Triloki never wanted her daughter to get married to him.

Omkar wins Shivika and finally gets married to her daughter but the rivalary remained the same between the Damad and Sasur. In the upcoming track, Triloki evolves a soft corner for Omkar.

Omkar proved Triloki Ji that he can be the perfect match for her daughter. The upcoming track will revolve around certain incidents where Triloki realizes that he misinterpreted Omkar.

The audience will be now eager to see the reunion of the Damad and Sasur.

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