Suparna Marwah fondly remembers her ‘No jaggery No shoot’ incident on the sets of San’84 Justice

Kabir Singh, Patiala House actress Suparna Marwah who plays an important role in the upcoming film San 84 Justice ? is very fond of jaggery and her fondness for jaggery became quite an eventful incident on the sets of the film. Her assistant would always keep a nice little piece of a special fine quality jaggery wrapped in a foil for her to use anytime during the shoot. She also used this as her special formulae to clear throat and maintain good voice texture as jaggery is known to serve as a natural energy booster and stimulant also very good for throat.

However one late night shoot schedule followed by an early morning next day lineup led her assistant to forget the jaggery at home and she ended up without it at the shoot. All was well until Suparna asked for her favourite savoury and there was none, the nervous girl shivered and explained her limitation in getting it, she was very sure there was a storm coming her way and Suparnaji being the actor of class that she is made it look and sound exactly like that through her convincing expressions. The nervous girl threw all the apologies through a bouquet of words that she possibly could while Suparna ji was clear that No Jaggery no shoot till the drama continued for few minutes till Suparna ji bursted into laughed and gave it away that she was simply pulling a fast one

Suparna continued to laughs her heart out while we spoke to her about this. She described how the shoot ended successfully even with with no jaggery. This did become one of the popular lines on the sets No Jaggery No shoot and as a result of this next day there were boxes of Jaggery brought in by various people including a special one that was gifted fondly by Ashish Sahdev who had important scenes lined up with her and Ashish told us, I told Suparna ji, well I have made sure my scenes with you are going perfectly smooth, both had good laughs all through as they shot further. Suparna was actually overwhelmed with the love poured in from everyone on the sets with this lovely gesture. Director Sandeep Rana too had his take in this incident, he said It was a moment of pride for me to see my San 84 Justice team bond like a family and as a director there is nothing better to achieve, I knew from this moment we will have a good film in hand

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