“Someday, I would like to be a wedding planner,” says Shahbaz Khan

&TV’s ‘Naye Shaadi Ke Siyape’s is all set to bring forth a fun trio of wedding planners who clearly believe in the thought that ‘nothing is impossible’. With a mission to make every impossible wedding possible, the three planners, Bunty (Vipul Roy), Babli (Neha Bagga) and Mubarak Khan (Shahbaz Khan) are all set to fly high in their quirky and heroine style wagon ‘Shehnai’ as they smoothly drive through all the confusion, chaos and Siyapas that come their way.

All things wedding, this show features Shahbaz Khan as an endearing wedding planner who is on a mission to mend the hearts of varied lovelorn couples. While the actor might be ecstatic about playing his first comical role, the thought of playing the character of a wedding planner is just like a cherry on the cake for him. Talking about his interest in the character, Shahbaz said, “Wedding planning back in the day wasn’t such a big business. However, it is a booming business today and has caught the interests of many, including mine. I developed a fascination for this business ever since I started working in Naye Shaadi Ke Siyape.  I now know the efforts it takes to have the perfect wedding, but I can only imagine what it must be for wedding planners who strive every day to make it ‘the day’ of a couple’s life. Nevertheless, I am quite fascinated with this business and you never know I might become a part of it someday!”

Naye Shaadi Ki Siyape is a light-hearted and rib-tickling dramedy showcasing different types of difficult weddings and the uncommon hidden challenges wedding planners must go through in making these impossible weddings possible. The show will take the viewers on the roller coaster laughter riot with the ‘Siyapas’ Shahbaz Khan a.k.a Mubarak Khan, Neha Bagga aka Babli and Vipul Roy aka Bunty will go through while planning the most celebrated occasion of one’s life – “Shaadi”. And each of these shaadis will be challenging and come with their own Siyapas.

Naye Shaadi Ki Siyape coming soon on &TV!

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