Mohit Chauhan to recreate ‘Bulla Ki Jaana’ for the upcoming movie ‘Football’

Bollywood’s talented musician and singer Mohit Chauhan will recreate Rabbi Shergill’s Bulla Ki Jaana song for Shoib Nikash Shah’s upcoming film ‘Football’. The song which has beautiful lyrics will be an integral part of the film.

The film is written and directed by Shoib and it revolves around Goli (Gulshan) a poor boy in a Jammu village, who dreams of becoming a football player. Circumstances, however lead him to take up his father’s profession of painting statues. After he grows up, he bumps into Rekha played by Namita Lal, a woman who wanted to be a football player but who has been married off at a young age. She however continues to play street football with village children, coaching and encouraging them to play the sport. Goli joins her team and starts living his dreams again.

One of the popular dialogues written for the film, “You can either be a football or get kicked around by others all your life, or kick the ball yourself…choice is yours,” says Rekha to Goli in film. This dialogue neatly sums up the beautiful message of the film

Shoib says, “The film delves with the emotions of the youth of villages of Jammu & Kashmir. The youth are so talented but there is no guidance or the upliftment from society and government, so talent gets wasted.”

The film is produced by Namita Lal, Rahat Kazmi Films and Shoib Shah Films.

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