Ashwani Kumar pays tribute to his mother with song “Intezaar”

Albert Pinto Ko Gussa kyo Aata Hai? released on Friday 12th April, a conceptual remake of the 80″ cult classic, just like its name the film demands unusual music & lyrics as well, Intezaar a poetic song with multidimensional perspective, emphasizes on three different musical styles fused together, the lyrics written by Ashwani Kumar & music composed by Avishek Majumder is not the usual numbers that we hear, it’s a unique blend of Classical, Trance, and Rock which gives it an experimental tone as well as an unusual feel.

This song doesn’t have a regular pattern of verses (mukhda/antra) as we know of, in fact, there is no fixed verse, in short, it’s an expression which attempts to interpret the plot of the film. Ashwani says “Director Soumitra Ranade wanted to convey the synopsis of the film through this song, and that too in very limited words, this song will be thoroughly enjoyed by people with the good taste of music, poetry & art connoisseurs alike”

Intezaar is interpreted in three poetic expressions wherein one showcases the frustration of a middle-class man Albert Pinto (Manav Kaul) his angst against the corrupt system & the tainted society, at the same time it also expresses the unvoiced desires of Stella (Nandita Das) the love of his life. But destiny has other plans for Albert driving him towards the uncertain.

Ashwani has been a part of Media, Advertising & Theater since last one decade. “Habar-Dabar” a word used in the song is a very regular word in small towns, but in metros its sounds unheard, Ashwani remembers “My mother used to use these words in day to day life, actually people coming from small town not only bring along such household words but also many unheard stories along with them”

Ashwani Kumar belongs to Jamshedpur, Jharkhand where he has done his schooling & further education, he not only promises to bring good poetry but also looks forward to give novel stories to the world. Ashwani says “This song is a tribute to my mother, and whenever I shall hear this it will keep reminding me of her and keep inspiring me to write more poetry & songs”. So do listen to this unique song Intezaar from the film Albert Pinto Ko Gussa kyo Aata Hai? and keep inspiring such budding artists who want to contribute to good art.& cinema.

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