Subhash Ghai launches new music video on CLEAN GANGA

After making a short documentary KUMBH – THE POWER BANK which was highly appreciated by chief minister and Govt. of Uttar Pradesh in 2018, I got an invitation by Sanskar Bharti as guest of honour to participate at their event at Kumbh in February 2019 at Prayagraj.

During my visit at Kumbh, the idea of making a music video on River GANGA struck me. Since many years now Ganges have been under severe pollution and lot has been spoken about if River Ganga is still pure or no. When I thought to conceptualize a music video revolving around River GANGA and its cleanliness issue, I first personally discussed the issue with the directorate of Namami Gange project initiated by PM Narendra Modi. Then I penned down the lyrics “ghar ghar Ganga jab bhi aaye- Maili ho kar laut na jaye.”

I inspired the students of Whistling Woods music school to compose the score on the lyrics. Within a very short span of time they completed the music in our School’s music studio. The song is composed by music students Antara Vaidya and Vaishnavi Sriram with Abhishek Bonthu as programmer. Vaishnavi and other students gave vocals.

It was a very proud moment for us when our music video was presented in front of a very large crowd at Kumbh 2019.

Although I have written full song on clean Ganga this video displays only a mukhda of the song. Please enjoy it n wait and watch for full song being produced under Mukta digital studios Mumbai.

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