Scorching Sun brings tough days for Simran

Star Plus and Hotstar’s latest prodigy ‘Divya Drashti’ has begun on a great note is a topic of discussion amongst the TV audience. Shrashti Maheshwari who plays the character of Simran in the show recently had to face the competition of performance on the set not from any of the co-stars but the Sun.

The whole cast and crew were shooting for a Holi sequence and with the schedule the positioning of the sun change causing massive burns and low energy amongst the team. Shrashti who was in frame felt a sudden rush in her blood pressure and sheer uneasiness under those circumstances.

“I was shooting for the Holi sequence when the heat took to me which lead to my blood pressure decreasing and I fainted right after that. But the crew took great care of me and even offered me to take the day off. I was still determined to complete my schedule and wanted to complete the shift as I was not the only one who would’ve suffered because of my illness, the whole crew and cast would’ve been compromised.” said Shrashti about the incident.

“Although I wanted to finish my schedule for the day, I couldn’t because I lost a lot of time when I fainted. Taking a shot at redemption I made sure that I reach before the call time on the set the next day keeping all my health problems and conditions behind.”, Shrashti quoted further.

This determination and dedication of the actors on the set are what’s taking the movie and TV industry of the nation a step further and helping it develop to its maximum potential. Shrashti Maheshwari has set an example of professionalism for all willing to learn.


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