Navdeep Chhabra is back with ‘The Meeeting’

Actor Navdeep Chhabra who made his Bollywood debut with Kuch Kuch Locha Hai is now gearing up for his next release. Sharing Screen space with Sunny Leone and Ram Kapoor was a learning experience for this Delhi boy and now he is back on screen with a short film, The Meeeting.

The Meeeting is a slice of life story of friendship, love and reunions with a twist in the tale. The film captures subtle nuances of relationships and makes one believe in love. Directed by Aneeta Patel, Navdeep is seen in a lead role with Anushka Ghorpade (The Bar, 2018 & She’s D One, 2018).

Talking about his journey in Bollywood, Navdeep stated, “After Kuch Kuch Locha Hain I was disillusioned. I was a rank newcomer with no connections in the film industry and I was naïve. Trusting people comes naturally to me and why should it be any other way? I’m thankful that I got to work with a veteran Actor like Ram Kapoor. Every day was a learning experience; Ram Sir guided me a lot during the time. After the film released I got a reality check. It was a tailspin of lows but I fought it and got back on track to honing my craft and studying films. Today I feel my journey has just started and there is so much out there to explore”.

He added, “There were too many people advising me on my next move and sometimes the clutter of incessant chatter can really prove disturbing even though the people around meant well. My director Aneeta Patel gave me a one line brief and her conviction in the story got me going. I know I have miles to walk but every actor wants to be a part of a story that can resonate with the audience. The meeeting certainly is one of those stories.”

The Meeeting is about love finding its way back, against the odds of distance and time- an aspect about love that rekindles hope..  IJC Entertainment in association with That Girl who makes films, The Meeeting is now streaming live on Humara Movie.

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