To do comedy is like adding salt to your food : Devroop Sharma

Writer, Director, Choreographer, Performer and What Not…The multifaceted Devroop Sharma is adding one more feather to his cap. The dude is debuting on big screen with Marathi film AAMHI BEFIKAR releasing on 29 March 2019. Apart from acting he has also written the screenplay and dialogues for the film.

GG) How did your journey start?

DS) You can say I am born in the industry as my father Murali Sharma is a distributor. So I have known industry very closely since my childhood. Also my maasi Vidya Patwardhan conducts workshops in different arts. I used to participate in street plays since school days. I have also done commercials, films as child artist. I did Masters in Acting at the Academy of Theatre, Mumbai University in 2009 under the guidance of Waman Hari Kendre. There are I got opportunity to learn under big names like Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi and many others.

GG) How did you get AAMHI BEFIKAR?

DS) I was working on another project with producers of this film. During that in free time I was also doing solo acts. The producers saw spark in me as an actor. They offered AAMHI BEFIKAR as an actor apart from writting screenplay and dialogues for the film.

GG) Tell us about your character.

DS) (smiles) I am playing Bhai. He is Don of the college and funny guy. But at the same time he is Yaaro Ka Yaar and Dushmano Ka Dushman. He is very romantic at heart but not capable of expressing his feelings. I am lucky to get an opportunity to play such a character with many shades.

GG) What preparations you did to get into the skin of the character?

DS) Well as a writer I live all my characters when I write them. So it was not difficult to play Bhai. Yaa one thing I would say, I gained few kgs for this character (hahaha…).

GG) Was it difficult to do comedy?

DS) Yes, comedy is very difficult for any actor. It is not easy. It is like adding salt to your food which should be balanced. Little more or less can ruin your game.

GG) How much Befikar you are in real life?

DS) (laughs again) I am completely Befikar. You can say ‘Harfan Maula’. I enjoy and cherish every moment of my life.

GG) What next?

DS) I am writing a story of Hindi film, also screenplay and dialogues for director Manas Sashidharan Jacob. I can’t reveal about it at this stage. Also there are few projects in pipeline.


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