Vipul Roy in dilemma to turn Vegan after being persuaded by Mallika Sherawat

In his upcoming web-series ‘Booo…Sabki Phategi’ with ALTBalaji Vipul Roy shares few moments that he spent with Mallika Sherawat on the sets.

For Vipul Roy it was an exciting journey as he worked with some great names in the industry like Mallika Sherawat and Tushaar Kapoor, and the star director Farad Samji.

Vipul Roy loved spending time and interacting with his co-star and one such moment was with Mallika Sherawat because of whom he has to make a very big decision.

Vipul Roy is a hard core Punjabi whose day starts with a glass of milk and eggs, he describes butter chicken as his comfort food. He is a total foodie by heart that loves butter in almost everything but talking to Mallika Sherawat it opened him to possibility of turning Vegan.

He mentions,” Mallika and I spoke on all sorts of topics, from India’s achievements, to her shift of work to India again and one thing caught me off guard was facts of her being a Vegan. She rightfully mentioned about ‘you become what you eat’. Vegan is woke of healthy lifestyle and eating. I am going to try to move towards a healthier lifestyle this year.” He also adds that, “Sure it’s going to take me a while and dedication to take up this new lifestyle ….

Will Vipul Roy turn into a Vegan? Is Mallika successful in persuading the hard core Punjabi? I Just edited a few lines

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