Srishti Jain: Animals are more loving and giving

TV actress Srishti Jain is an animal lover and that’s sort of genetic. The actress’ father is a veterinarian and she has grown up loving dogs and cats and her love for animals has only increased over the years. She says, “I have a lot to learn from them. They are very loving and giving.”

The actress who shoots at Filmcity Goregaon, feels happy that the area around has many stray dogs and cats. She says, “I do whatever I can to give them my love and care. I like sitting with them. I chat with them just like any other friend and they are extremely smart and attentive.”

The actress wants to adopt many pets in the future. She says, “I don’t have any preferences for breed. Even if it is a stray animal I would love to look after him or her. I would urge everyone to adopt a stray pet.”

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