Sony Marathi Gives A Big Surprise With The Revelation Of The Host Of ‘Kon Honar Crorepati’!

Sony Marathi is providing good content through their serials and this is one of the reasons audiences are happy with this channel. Also, they are giving their feedback to the channel and their special programs through the medium of social media.

Reaction from everywhere is going to be that no one catches up with Sony Marathi for sure! Because ever since Sony Marathi has announced the show ‘Kon Honar Crorepati ‘, anxieties have been stretched. It would not be an overstatement if it’s said that the biggest question Maharashtra has now is, “who will host the game show ‘Kon Honar Crorepati ‘?”. Many guesses were made to identify the host of the show, and many names have gossiped over. But Sony Marathi has given the audience an exciting bumper surprise by answering this question.

After listening to the host’s name and seeing him, everyone is going to be surprised… To see what more surprising things Sony Marathi gives, keep watching Sony Marathi.

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