Over the Moon!

While attending parties and events seem to be the usual for anyone part of showbiz, such is not the case for actor Moon Banerrjee currently seen in the TV soap Muskaan. The actor says that she finds it rather tiresome to attend these get-togethers. “I’m labeled as an extremely antisocial person amongst my friends. I feel a certain kind of pressure as it takes too much effort to attend events and parties. House parties work the best for me. For me, a bunch of close-knit people like friends and family is good enough for chilling,” she says.

She has a few close friends from the industry who she likes to hang out with. “I don’t have many friends but a few from the TV industry like Chitrashi Rawat, Sayantani Ghosh, and Delnaaz Irani are my close friends,” she says.

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