Randeep wants a strong and independent girl like Naina in real-life

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai on Sony Entertainment Television is gearing up for 90’s waali shaadi and viewers can’t wait to get their favorite on-screen couple Naina & Sameer to get married. The wedding ceremonies are on in full-swing. Everyone on the sets is so much into the wedding mode that their off-camera conversations are also around the same. Recently, few members from the cast off-camera were seen discussing with Randeep what kind of a girl he would want to marry, to which he said that ‘naina ke jaisi’.

Naina played by Ashi Singh has become every boy’s dream girl and every family wishes to have a daughter or bahu like her. Same is the case with Randeep who essays the role of Sameer in the show, in real life wants to marry a girl who has similar traits like Naina. Naina’s character is lovable and at the same time she knows what she wants in life and has her priorities in place. She has waded through all the struggles to ensure she gets married to the love of her life Sameer.

Randeep says, “I’m really attracted to the characteristic traits of Naina and in real life whenever I decide to get married, I would want to marry a girl like Naina of my show. Naina is an independent and strong girl and I really admire these qualities in a girl.”

It will be exciting to watch the transition of Naina & Sameer from dating each other to actually becoming husband & wife. So, all the female fans of Randeep out there, please take note as now you know what their dream boy is looking for.

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