Savaniee Ravindrra’s Tamil romantic single this valentine !

Savaniee Ravindrra famous for her Tamil single ‘Vennilavin Salaigalil’ & ‘Kaatril Idhazhgal’ is back now  with new romantic single,‘Naan Sollava’ this valentine season. Savaniee made her singing debut down south with two Tamil songs for films ‘Kootali’ and ‘Imai’.

‘Naan Sollava’ in Tamil means ‘Shall I tell you’. This beautifully shot romantic single is penned by lyricist Satheeshkanth, music created by Shubhankar Shembekar. The duet has vocals of Shubhankar Shembekar along with Savaniee Ravindrra.

This is the first track from ‘Savaniee Originals’ series. Savaniee Ravindrra says, “After Kadalula Penja Mazhai my Tamilian fans were requesting me to come up with new track. So here I am with this original track for my music lovers.”

Savaniee elaborated, “Talented musicians from Chennai have set the arrangements for the song, maintaining the authenticity and raw Tamil flavor to it. Surely this song is also going to be a visual treat for the listeners”.

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