Sadhna Singh leads the way as the trailer of Zindagi Tumse releases

The trailer launch of movie ‘Zindagi Tumse’ starring Sadhna Singh took place on 22nd January 2019 at Taste of Punjab, Bandra. Nadiya Ke Paar actress Sadhna Singh who has stolen the hearts of generations will now be seen playing the lead role in ‘Zindagi Tumse’. ‘Zindagi Tumse’ is a movie concerning the subject of the treatment parents get in old age homes and ill-treatment by their kids on growing up.

Many members of the cast and crew graced this event with their presence with Sadhna Singh catching the eyes of all. Many of her co-stars Karan Kullur, Simran Ahuja, Rajesh Puri also came out to promote the film. Simran Ahuja who won Ms India Magnificent in 2013 will be making her debut with this film. Veteran actors who made us giggle with their performance before Rajesh Puri and Guddi Maruti will also be seen as a part of the film.

Sadhna Singh who was also recently seen in Anurag Kashyap’s ‘Mukkabaaz’ explained why she chose to be a part of the project, “When this film was offered to me I felt its concept to be a little old-fashioned where kids ill-treat their parents and don’t take care of them and thought this doesn’t exist anymore with our society getting better education. But soon after that, I heard about instances around me which made me realise that this problem isn’t extinct but is spreading like a disease and even our society being educated hasn’t helped solve this but would’ve made it worse.”

‘Zindagi Tumse’ also stars Marina Kunwar, Mayur Verma, Natasha, Jitu Vizrani, Pushpendra Tiwari and Master Rehan. The film is directed by Tariq Bhat and produced by Sona Enterprises and presented by Anand Manwani. The music of the movie is expected to launch on 19th February and film is set to release on the 29th of March 2019.

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