Hemwant Tiwari has created history

When it comes to making films, it is all about passion and the art of storytelling. Hemwant Tiwari, a young actor/director from Gurgaon is making the folks in film industry sit up and notice his work. And here is why? Hemwant is the first person in the world to have acted, written and directed a black and white one shot feature film titled as LOMAD which means fox. From the idea to final execution it took him more than two years. He says, “With every breath he inhales hope.”

Rehearsals and reading with the whole team took him almost 6 months. It was an experience which is beyond words.  Ask him how he has managed to achieve this feat and he says, “When you have to do it, you have to do it. Period. Be fearless.”

Film is in the final stages of post production and soon he will be in talking terms with various production houses for the release of the film.

Further the filmmaker has acted with Hollywood stars Eric Roberts and Natasha Henstridge in the international TV series Medinah. The actor says that, while working on this project, he was excited to see a heartwarming example of “diversity”. He is also one of the few actors to bag the role of a protagonist in an international TV show.

Hemwant, who is originally from Bihar acted in a short film – Zindagi Bahut Khoobsurat Hai, which was screened at the Court Metrage, the short film corner of the 66th edition of Cannes Film Festival, in 2013.

“I feel my work was appreciated at Cannes because the film delved around realistic content,” he said.

Also his short film as an actor “Panaah” was very well received by the critics and the audiences. He has also directed and acted in a short film called “Salaam”.

Future plans for Hemwant include finding his own path and creating his own space. He says, “I am here to be part of films that touch people’s sensibilities and connect with them. Hard work and perseverance is the key. I would love to play all the roles in Bollywood as an actor and I want to do everything from masala, dance, entertainment, thriller, romance and biopics as well,” he said. “Every role excites me as I really enjoy the process of working on my character.”

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