Mr. India 2017 Darasing Khurana honours the brave

Recently, Mr. India 2017 Darasing Khurana was invited to present an award by Ample Mission’s Awards Zindagi Ke 2018, which took place at Bombay Stock Exchange convention hall. An initiative by Dr. Aneel Murarka, the award recognises India’s brave hearts, who have gone beyond the call of duty to save lives.

For Darasing, presenting the award was nothing less than a matter of pride. When contacted, he said, “I was overwhelmed and honoured to present this award in the presence of those people whose acts of compassion and selflessness know no bounds. I respect them because they don’t hesitate while making extreme sacrifices and are always ready to give away their lives for the service of their country and citizens. I felt truly honoured.”

Darasing presented the award to a coastguard diver, who battled extreme conditions and a raging torrent to save a family that was trapped.

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