Shama Sikander would be traveling across Turkey, Vienna and Barcelona

It’s not a secret that the hot and pretty actor Shama Sikander loves travelling. And it comes as no surprise that she is spending quality time away from the hustle, ringing in Christmas and the new year.

She always had a penchant for travel and especially during the winters. She is travelling across Turkey as we could find out from her. Quoting her, “It’s so refreshing to meet new people, interact with them, understand their sensitivities, their culture, sense of humour and so much more. It helps me feel complete. Anytime that I feel like I am hitting a creative block I travel. I travel to know more, explore and it fills my life with newer experiences and that helps me to create more.” Recently she had started her production house as well and had just done her first series on mental health and awareness.

Known for her off beat choices, Shama Sikander loves trying out various cuisines, wines, local food and clothing across the world. She says, “I am self-dressed most times. I derive my sense of clothing from my experiences across while travelling so would find ideas of various places when I dress. That flavour comes with it. And with regards to food Christmas is pretty much the best time of the year to travel because you find a huge variety easily and the people are in such an amazing that it really adds up to the experience.”

This year Shama Sikander would be traveling across Turkey, Vienna and Barcelona and we would love to know of her from her much vibrant Instagram account and we just can’t wait for it.

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