Sacred Games actress spreads a social message through ‘Act of Love’

Sukhmani Sadana who is popularly known for Sacred Games is participating in a new campaign called ‘Act of Love’ where she does one act of love and kindness everyday in the month of December. She is someone who creates positive environment with her bubbly energy and has been on a mission to make all the people she knows to also do the same and then further nominate their friends.

She wants to spread a social message of ‘Act of Love’ as it only will spread joy and happiness to those who needs it the most. She has an aim of creating a chain that would spread love like a ripple effect.

Recently she went to Mother Teresa’s home to understand and spend few hours with people who need comfort and love from others. Sukhmani danced and sang with them and took care of them.

In conversation with Sukhmani, she mentions “I went with lots of rice and lentils for all the people there. I went to each one of the under privileged people .. old and young and gave them company during their prayer hour. A session was organized where we all danced together to Bollywood music for almost an hour, their face was lit with joy and excitement!”

She added, “That day I was showered with hugs and kisses and I realised they are people who have learnt to be more giving and be affectionate to everyone as they have been through so much which is unimaginable! There was a moment when few elders put their hands on my head and blessed me, I could not hold back my tears and felt so satisfied within. That day I was at peace.”

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