Sandeep Anand will fall in love now in Bhabhiji

TV’s talented and versatile actor Sandeep Anand is currently seen in the show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai, playing the character of Putan, Angoori’s brother in the show. In the new turn of events now, Putan will fall in love with a girl, who plays the veteran actress Apara Maheta’s daughter in the show. While Sandeep has fallen head over heels, he has to fulfill one condition to marry Apara’s daughter in the show. The daughter wants to marry a Gujarati guy and so the entire Tiwari family plans to turn Gujarati so that Putan can marry the girl of his dreams.

Sandeep says, “I love the new twists and turns in the show. Now, I have to show that I am in love. This will different because generally it was all about comedy and playing the thief in the show. There were interesting comic situations but now it will be romance coupled with comic situations. I hope that the masses enjoy my role.”

The actor is also hoping to other kind of roles. He says, “It is time that the makers on TV realise that we are not just restricted to one genre. In addition to comedy, an actor can also act in many other genres if they give us a chance. “I want to try more genres in this visual medium of entertainment”.

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