Rehaan Roy injured while shooting for Zee TV’s Guddan… Tumse Na Ho Paega

Inspector Parv aka Rehaan Roy from Zee TV’s Guddan…Tumse Na Ho Paega has been stealing hearts with his flawless portrayal of the antagonist in the show. Currently, the cast has been busy shooting a special Diwali sequence involving a major showdown and confrontational scene between the protagonist, Guddan, portrayed by Kanika Mann and the antagonist, Inspector Parv which led to an unexpected injury to the actor.

The scene in question had inspector Parv visiting the Jindal house to meet Guddan to fabricate a lie about his physical relationship with her sister thereby infuriating Guddan and causing a major unrest and showdown between the two. Provoked by this disclosure, Guddan, in a fit of rage throws the burning clay lamp (Diya) at Parv.

The sequence being a Diwali special, instead of using the electric lamp, Rehaan insisted on a real clay lamp for a more authentic feel and spirit. But little did he realize that throwing a lit diya could backfire and possibly cause a bigger crisis than he had foreseen? But thankfully the crew had everything in control and averted any major mishap. Talking about this incident, Rehaan said “As an actor one has to take the risk for a good shot. I insisted my director and the team to use a real diya to get the right kind of a shot. I love to perform scenes in the most real manner, by obviously keeping the safety in mind. I did injure myself during this particular scene, but for the shot to look that good, I think a bit of pain was completely worth it.”

All’s well that ends well. Don’t miss out all the action and drama in store this special Diwali week!

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