Divay Dhamija to intensify drama in Zee TV’s Guddan… Tumse Na Ho Paega

Zee TV’s primetime fiction offering Guddan… Tumse Na Ho Paega, has captured the audiences’ hearts with the unique chemistry between Guddan (played by Kanika Mann) and Akshat (played by Nishant Singh Malkani). The viewers witnessed some major drama in the recent episodes with Guddan and Akshat getting married in the most unexpected way and Guddan becoming the nation’s youngest saas. As the storyline progresses, the show is all geared up to take another interesting turn with the entry of Akshat’s childhood friend, Mr. Dutta. The character of Mr. Dutta, an antagonist, will be played by the handsome and super talented Divay Dhamija. The actor who has always portrayed positive characters on-screen, will be seen playing the negative role for the first time.

The character of Mr. Dutta will try every trick in the book to crush Akshat down and destroy him completely. He will enter the Jindal house during the Diwali card party to surprise his dear friend. While, Akshat will be delighted to see Mr Dutta, he will be oblivious to his evil ploys and what lies ahead for him. They both will indulge in a card game wherein Akshat’s money will be put at stake that can possibly leave him bankrupt. Guddan will also join the card game, but Akshat will not like this and will instantly quit the game leaving Guddan high and dry.

Speaking about his character and being a part of the show, Divay said, “Diwali has turned out to be twice as exciting this year as I got to be a part of an interesting show such as Guddan. I am playing an antagonist for the first time on screen and couldn’t have thought of a better way to kickstart this new journey. Mr Dutta’s character has a lot of variations and allows me to showcase my best as an actor. Watch out as lots of drama is in store for the viewers.”

Will Mr. Dutta be successful in taking Akshat down or will Guddan prove to be his saviour?

To know more, tune-in to Guddan… Tumse Na Ho Paega, every Monday to Friday at 8:00 PM only on Zee TV!

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