Bijal Joshi narrates her very first harrowing train travel experience

Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming show ‘Ladies Special’ is creating a buzz due to its unique storyline and star cast. Life of a normal Mumbaikar revolves around trains and train travel. And when it comes to their first ever Mumbai local train ride, everyone has an interesting story to tell. Similarly, talented actress Bijal Joshi who plays Bindu in the show narrated an interesting incident about what happened to her on her very first Mumbai local train ride.

Bijal was travelling for the first time by Mumbai locals and that too from Mulund to Dadar during peak hours. While boarding the train Bijal was totally clueless about how crowded peak hour train travel could be and the rush one has to face while boarding.  As the train arrived, one lady standing next to Bijal, grabbed her hair to get into the train first. Needless to say, Bijal was completely shocked by the lady’s behavior. But then the very next moment she realized that such is the life of a Mumbaikar. However, after this harrowing journey, the actress took an oath to never travel by train during the peak hours!

Bijal Joshi said, “Yes it was like a lifetime experience. The moment the lady pulled my hair, I went totally blank. But yes, after that incident I took an oath that I will never ever travel by train, well at least not during the peak hours. This was one of my most memorable train journeys, but for all the wrong reasons! And now, my life seems to have come to a full circle with Ladies Special.”

‘Ladies Special’ coming soon only on Sony Entertainment Television!

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