Mir Sarwar: the man of many faces and get-ups

Among the many actors making a mark in the Hindi film industry, Mir Sarwar perhaps stands out for his versatility, an attribute that has helped him bag varied roles till date. While already playing his trade in numerous films like Bajrangi Bhaijan, Jagga Jasoos, Jolly LLB2, Dhishoom, and Phantom, Mir has consistently altered his persona, portraying characters on his own terms.

Though a director’s actor, Mir aims to follow his distinct trait in his upcoming movie Lateef to Laden. He has given his all in portraying an interesting yet powerful character of a militant fond of Osama Bin Laden. The dark comedy, a Prem Kumar production, will release on the 26 th of this month. The film is sure to leave audiences spellbound thanks to an entirely altered look being portrayed by Mir. When inquired about his pursuit of versatile appearances he said, “I was always keen about experimenting with looks even before I ventured into the film industry. I remember keeping a goatee long before Aamir’s Dil Chahta Hai released. It was difficult initially, but I gained confidence to continue experimenting. That was the main factor responsible for getting me a role in the film Phantom where the character has 26 passports and looked different in all the get ups.

The Marlon Brando and Al Pacino fan further commented on his take on the movie, “I really liked the concept of Lateef to Laden as a dark comedy and I am sure people will do too. I always make sure to support independent films made in Jammu and Kashmir, and this will be our small contribution to the local film industry as well”.

The actor who hails from Srinagar started his career as a model in 1999. He has also recently completed his four-year stint in Kashmir Daily, a film focusing on the drug abuse and unemployment in Jammu and Kashmir. Mir has been proactive in making other short films on his home state, refusing any pay for these. Mir strives to encourage filmmaking among residents of the area. Apart from shooting for the Tamil film Kaatru Veliyidai directed by Mani Ratnam in 2017, Mir has also dabbled in direction. Bed No. 17 was also shot in India’s northern most state where the film has been screened in several film festivals. He is a living pioneer of Kashmiri cinema whose versatility is akin to none.

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