Jacqueline Fernandez steals the show at the One Young India event!

Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez addressed the One Young World Event in Hague as she expressed her thoughts about sexual harassment.

The stunning actress has time and again voice her opinions on social and global issues becoming a popular face worldwide.

Jacqueline Fernandez opened up about sexual harassment at the event saying, “It is not common to discuss sexual harassment so this is a big step forward for human rights”.

Recently, Jacqueline Fernandez represented the voice of animal welfare at the UN on the world animal day as she took 8 million petition signatures voicing her opinion against animal testing.

The actress also took a step towards rebuilding Kerala after the unfortunate floods hit the state earlier this year.

Apart from Animal welfare, Jacqueline Fernandez also supports Marine Conservation and has been actively contributing to create awareness amongst the masses using social media platforms.

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