Here’s why Nikhil Chaddha changed his name to Reyaansh Vir Chdha

While he never thought destiny mattered, his journey in showbiz made him realise the importance of these factors. In fact, this was why he even changed his name from Nikhil Chaddha to Reyaansh Vir. “I changed my name two years back. I did it because my mom wanted me to change it since it was not on my birth chart. I changed it for astrological reasons,” he says, adding, “I never used to believe in luck and destiny but after coming to this industry, I realised it’s the most important factor.”

However, the actor says that you can’t force your way in life and things only happen when they ought to. “When the time is right, things fall in place. I do believe a lot in hard work too but I believe that the results come only when your time is right and it’s destined to happen,” he says.

Talking about his name, the actor says, “Reyaansh means Ansh of Vishnu.”

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