Vivek Oberoi’s fan showers praises on him for ‘Inside Edge’!

As Vivek Anand Oberoi’s debut web series ‘Inside Edge’ goes to International Emmy Awards this year, one of actor’s ardent fans has expressed his love for his favourite actor thereby penning a letter praising his stupendous performance in the digital show.

Titled The ‘Inside Edge’ of Vivek Oberoi — Let The Games Begin!’, the fan wrote, “This is the first time EVER that any Indian Web Series has got so much recognition and that also on such a global and respected platform. This is not only a great benchmark but also sets precedence. But one thing that catches my attention every time I watch the show, hear about it or read any news related to it is — Vivek Oberoi. The way he has played the character of Vikrant Dhawan is absolutely mind blowing, I am convinced of the fact that no one in Bollywood could have done that better than him, no one could have made Vikrant Dhawan so larger than life and amazing, he is the best part about the show, he is what got me glued and is probably the only reason I wanted to binge watch, without Vikrant Dhawan or without Vivek Oberoi playing Vikrant Dhawan the show would not have been as gripping, as awesome and as perfect.”

“Just like Suits wouldn’t be as perfect without Harvey Spector or how House of Cards wouldn’t be as awesome without Kevin Spacey. He has done a phenomenal job and I truly believe that he has a major role to play in the success of this show. The other actors have also done complete justice to their roles but I believe none of them are as irreplaceable as Vikrant Dhawan,” the fan adds.

Vivek, who shot for the second season of Amazon India’s first fictional series, Inside Edge in Georgia was excited when news of the show bagging a nomination at the 46th International Emmy Awards broke out.

The versatile actor made a splash on the digital platform with his debut web series and was hugely appreciated for pulling off a grey character with such élan. Considering the success of the show and the international acclaim it’s received, the makers have decided to increase the budget of the second season and mount it on a grander scale.

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