Govinda back with a bang with Fryday!

The Entertainer No 1 is back with a bang with his latest release, Fryday. The superstar of the masses who has ruled the box office with his entertaining films over the last three decades strikes back with yet another dhamakedaar performance in Fryday, much to the surprise of his ardent fans who couldn’t stop raving about their favourite actor back in his element.

While the superstar has been receiving humongous response from his fans, he is also basking in the glory of all the accolades coming his way by his fraternity people and critics alike.

While Scroll referred to his performance as, “Govinda gets the maximum laughs in uneven farce. Fryday, also known as Carry on Water Purifier Salesman, is exactly as promised: the great Govinda steals the show.”

Said Times Now, “Good news is FryDay has Govinda back in form. He is in his element. We finally get the vintage Govinda which was missing from our screens for years or rather a decade now. You know there is always used to be this complaint by co-actors that Govinda steals the limelight, that’s what he is doing in the play with his fellow actors. In fact, more than the dialogues itself it is Govinda’s style of delivery that takes the scene a notch higher. Be it the physical or slapstick comedy Govinda is on a roll.”

Commented Firstpost, “Govinda fans can rejoice. This FryDay marks the return of the entertainer number one, in all his 1990s glory. He throws his entire body into the comedy — jiggling, wriggling and contorting his face while delivering the modicum of entertainment and laughs scattered through director Abhishek Dogra’s sit-com.”

Pinkvilla wrote, “If there is one actor whose films can be rewatched again and again, its comedy legend Govinda. No one could or can match up to ChiChi’s level of humour.”

Said Koimoi, “Govinda is totally in his elements; dominates the first half! Govinda is totally in his elements and hilariously dominates till now.”

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