Sony Music Launches Namaste England – Official Game

Sony Music in partnership with Studio Next – Digital, launch a concept game called ‘Namaste England Official Movie Game’ that will get movie buffs hooked on to it.  The film journeys Arjun Kapoor where he illegally travels from Punjab to England in search of his lady love Parineeti Chopra. Keeping this chase in mind, users have to cross 5 levels to reach their final destination with obstacles in each level.

Making the game further exciting, each level plays songs from the album making it super fun while also allows you to unlock powers to reach the destination. Commenting on the launch, Says  Mr. Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Director & Producer – Namaste England “Lots of films make games like this but this is a very unique experience because while you play the game, it talks about love and how far one can go for love while all the thrills, excitement and adventures associated to the game is amplified. All in all, it’s a unique emotional experience where you are actually doing something for love and taking all the risk. It’s a brilliant concept and the entire team of Sony deserves a lot of credit for designing a game that is so different and wonderful.”

Adds on Sanujeet Bhujabal, Marketing Director, Sony Music India, “ We wanted to do something innovative on the film and the music, and what better than a game that is interactive,  fun and targets Gen Z. The idea was to get movie fanatics to experience the joy of chase whilst keeping the theme of the film in mind.  We worked closely with the Studio Next – Digital team, and we are sure the gen Z will love the game.”

Adds, Amogh Dusad, Senior Vice President, Studio Next – Digital  ‘’Studio Next, Digital aims to create high quality games around entertainment IPs. Namaste England Official Movie Game is our first step towards that direction. We are very excited with this collaboration and have been enthused by the positive response the game has generated in the first few days of launch itself. In the coming months we will continue to strengthen our presence in the gaming space’’

“Games on phone not only keep the youth hooked, but also the elders. Coming up with a game stemmed from the idea of engaging more with the masses. I’m sure people will have fun playing the game and will enjoy crossing one level after the other. Adding songs to each level is something unconventional. As I said, the idea is to connect with the audience and keep them entertained,” says Dr. Jayantilal Gada, Chairman & MD, Pen India.

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