Kritika Kamra celebrates Daughter’s Day with her parents!

Kritika Kamra, who made her stellar debut with Mitron, recently celebrated Daughter’s Day with her parents.

The versatile actress feels she is lucky to be the daughter of her doting parents and considers them as the strong pillars behind her success.

A source close to the actress says, “Kritika is very close to her parents and they have always encouraged her to be successful in her career and accomplish all her dreams. Her upbringing is the reason she is one of the empowered and successful women achievers in the country today”.

Kritika informs, “Since my childhood, I was always told I am a woman who is equal to a man. My mother never stopped me from doing anything that a girl “isn’t supposed to do” and papa never decided what I can or cannot wear. I went out with my male friends. I decided to quit college and become an actress. I lived alone in Delhi and then Mumbai and experimented life, relationships and careers.”

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