Bappi Lahiri’s welcome jingle for boxing legend Mike Tyson unleashed

Veteran music director Bappi Lahiri’s welcome jingle for boxing legend Mike Tyson has created ripples and fans of both Bappi da and Tyson now await the jingle.  The beautiful welcome jingle beginning with Om Swagatam is launched on Toyam Industries’ YouTube channel.

The one minute long jingle starts with a beautiful melody with dada mouthing Om Swagatam on very earthy Indian notes as its moves further it breaks into high octane Bollywood 80s style disco beats, Bappi Lahiri’s signature style.

“All this happened so fast. I’m missing the opportunity to meet him but I think my jingle will represent me in welcome the great boxer. I wish him the fabulous stay in India and may he have a very productive tour,” said Bappi Lahiri.

The jingle is supported with a mash up video composed of pictures of Bappi and Tyson. As the disco King welcomes the king of the ring, fans have started sharing it on social media and talking about this rather unusual collaboration.

Alas!  Bappi Da is in US when Tyson is in India and while the legends miss each other we will miss some interesting Kodak moments.

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