Ankit Mohan is back in Naagin 3

Showbiz is all about glamour and actor Ankit Mohan says that one area where we could do with a little more glamour are the negative characters shown in shows. The actor, who plays a dark character in the show Naagin 3, says that he was cast because he looked glamourous. “I feel that negative roles have a lot of expressions and action to do. These roles are truly performance-based. When the makers cast me for Naagin 3, they said, ‘We have cast you because we have seen how you have transformed on screen and we need a glamorous negative character.’ I think television needs more good-looking negative characters,” he says.

Ankit, who has been part of shows such as ‘Shobha Somnath Ki’, ‘Mahabharat’, ‘Begusarai’, ‘BaseraaI’, says that he is enjoying playing negative roles. “I have done both positive and negative characters, though more of negative characters. I think it’s my luck and destiny that I am getting to play negative characters. People are loving me. Positive characters have a lot of boundaries, there are things you cannot go beyond while you perform,” he says.

The actor is excited about re-entry in Naagin 3. “I am playing Yuvraaj Sehgal aka Yuvi, it’s a negative character. The show started with my character, who was supposed to get married to Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) and have a flirtatious relationship with Vish (Anita Hassanandani). I wasn’t aware of my exit, it happened suddenly and I am recently re-entering the show. I am now stronger. All I can say is that I am a human and am not playing any supernatural characters,” he says.

Meanwhile, the actor will also be seen in Marathi film Farzand, and says that the working styles of television and Marathi cinema are poles apart. “Both have a different process. For television, you have to perform everyday while for a film, you get scripts months back and proper homework is done. Everything on set for films is sorted and set, while for television you might have to shoot in the afternoon and evening the shot might go on air. You shoot cut-to-cut at times. But as an actor, I love both, though television has a large fan base and people recognize, in films, if you do a remarkable character you will be recognized as well,” he says.

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