I wish Anup Jalota all the luck in Bigg Boss: Abhijit Ghoshal

Singer and musician Abhijit Ghoshal, who considers Anup Jalota a stalwart in devotional music, is very happy that the bhajan samrat has decided to be part of the controversial show Bigg Boss. Recently, Abhijit’s Bhajan album Sai Bhajan Prawah was launched by the maestro Anup Jalota in a grand ceremony.  Ghoshal, who is a singer to reckon with and in addition to Bollywood  music,  he has made a name in the genre of devotional music. Ghoshal says, “Anup Jalota, the quintessential Bhajan Samrat has been the guiding star to all us artists. Now, that he is in Bigg Boss, I simply wish him luck and loads of happiness in whatever he does. He is a matured public figure and this must have been a prudent decision. I believe this step adds up to his stature.”

Ghoshal is also happy that Jalota has steered clear of any controversies and called the Bigg Boss house a place where he will relax from the hectic routine he follows in his daily life. He says, “It will be interesting to watch him in the house. I have enjoyed many interesting conversations with him on music and life.”

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