Sudhanshu Pandey looks suave at ‘The Bar’

Actor Sudhanshu Pandey is back with a new short film called ‘The Bar’ which has released digitally on HumaraMovie. The short film is directed by Aneeta Patel of That Girl Who Makes Films. This is Aneeta’s second short film in this week.

Sudhanshu Pandey plays the role of Kabir who is a suave, sophisticated, successful single man of today who lives life in the fast lane. This short film is about a few nights of his life and the turns and twists it takes at a bar as he charms beautiful women. Life unfolds and leaves him with a startling reality check.

When asked Sudhanshu about his role, he said, “I loved the story of ‘The Bar’ and i think the entire credit goes to Aneeta for writing and directing it so well. It feels great working on short format content as it gives you enough time to showcase your talent. The story is a little hard hitting and you got to watch it till the end to feel it all.”

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