Abhishek Sharrma: It was a dream come true to share screen with Shah Rukh Khan

Tumhari Sulu fame, child actor Abhishek Sharrma is going places. The young actor who was appreciated for his role and someone who is a regular in popular ads, could not believe his luck when he got to act in a commercial that had Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan in it. He says, “I have acted with Vidya Balan. And it was great. But when I saw that Shah Rukh sir standing in front of me for the shoot of an ad, I had to pinch myself. At first, I was very nervous, but he is such a humble and a thorough professional, that he put me at ease. It was a wonderful learning experience acting with him. I am so happy that I get to work with such superstars early on in my career.”

Meanwhile, the actor has done interesting short films with prolific directors like Vir Hirani (son of Raju Hirani) and will be part of a Bollywood film which is being directed by Rajat Kapoor. Ask him about it and he innocently says, “I don’t understand much about what is good or bad but whatever is offered to me, I do it with my whole heart. Then everything good, follows. Even when I did Tumhari Sullu, I just did my scenes well. And then everyone was recognising me at school and on the streets.”

Abhishek has also done many other ads for big brands like Rasna and Nataraj along with Vadilal Ice Cream and Coldarain syrup, and recently shot for the promo of a cartoon channel.

A film with Vidya Balan and an interesting ad project with Shah Rukh Khan, Abhishek is proud that has God’s blessings. He says, “My parents specially my mother supports me. And having Shah Rukh Khan to work with was definitely blessings from the Almighty.”

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