Ssharad Malhotra finds ‘The One’

TV star Ssharad Malhotra is excited and all set for the release of his next project which is a short film called ‘Shes D One’ directed by Aneeta Patel. It is a romantic film with a twist, that will sure have the audience feel the jitters. Ssharad plays the role of a young and charming Shaurya who loves with intensity and feels too deeply about emotions.

Shaurya is all set to find love. He is romantic and a thorough gentlemen. He has a dark side and is looking to start a fresh life. He is intriguing in a very charming and intoxicating manner. Shruti, the girl who he meets on a date, can’t help but lose herself to his charm. Shruti is his chance. But is Shruti his ‘The One’?

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