Vivian Dsena visits Egypt

Actor Vivian Dsena is back from a rather refreshing four-day trip to Egypt. The actor was accompanied by his sister on the trip and the two had an amazing time. “My sister had her college holidays and obviously we were planning something. She wanted to go and visit a historic monument and the history there is the oldest,” he says.

Talking about his trip, he says, “I landed and went to Alexandria as I wanted to do water sports. It was beautiful and the lighting was very good. It was slightly cloudy and very beautiful. Then I went to Cairo and to the museum. The mummies are so old, we cannot even imagine.”

Vivian feels that holidays must be mandatory for actors. “I think all actors need holidays. Life gets very frustrating. The kind of working hours that we have, we need some time off for ourselves, otherwise we will not be able to stay sane,” he says.

So, where is he off to next? “Next is Barcelona, Spain. That’s my favourite football team and I have heard a lot about the tourism of Spain,” he says.


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