“It was weird but fun dressing up as a woman : Amol Parashar

A true mark of the actor is when he or she takes up a challenging task and performs it with ease. We have seen many male actors on the screen dressed as women and played the part with dignity and panache without getting hassled by public reactions. One such versatile actor is Amol Parashar, who is currently seen as Nirav Chhabra in The Zoom Studio’s web series ‘Ready 2 Mingle’.

The modern-day couple who is striving to revive and spice-up their love life on ‘Ready 2 Mingle’, leads to Amol’s character, Nirav, towear a cheerleader’s dress and perform a little cheerleading gig. Amol was seen in a girl’s top with ‘Daddy’s little princess’ written on it in the very first episode when he is running away from a girl’s house after he realizes she has a pet snake. In the recent episode, he was seen putting a piece of lingerie on his face as a mask and pretending to be a super hero. The actor had no qualms doing these scenes and managed do it without being flustered on the sets despite the cast and crew making fun of him.

Talking about his experience Amol Parashar a.k.a. Nirav said, “All these scenes where I am wearing or dealing with women’s clothes are written as a part of the narrative, and do not just exist as gimmicks. When I read those scenes, I found them cute and didn’t have any second thoughts about doing them. There is a misplaced notion of masculinity that leads to discomfort in these situations. Thankfully, I have no such qualms. I know that my sexuality, or masculinity for that matter, is not and cannot be defined by what I wear on screen. Wearing a piece of lingerie on my head, or getting into a cheerleader’s costume may be unfamiliar to me but it is not uncomfortable. And that is the plus point of being an actor – that you get to do unfamiliar things. What’s the fun if you are going to run away from them. It was weird but fun wearing women’s garments on me in ‘Ready 2 Mingle.”

‘Ready 2 Mingle’ is a series about ‘everyday relationships’ of millennials and the constant search to find their true love. The focus of ‘Ready 2 Mingle’ are the modern-day love gurus Myra and Nirav who, through their exceptional talent of hosting the perfect singles parties, unite those in search of true love. But soon, enough, they start to lose grip on love in their own lives. The show deals with issues that each one of us face in our lives at some point but there is ample amount of fun and frolic that keeps it engaging and breezy.


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