Sonam Kapoor to participate in an engaging conversation at Algebra

The Arts & Ideas club, Algebra, brings together a fellowship of people, who believe that great cities are built not just on infrastructure but a life of the mind.

Designed to host almost 50 engagements over the year with topline thinkers and practitioners from almost every discipline that impacts human affairs, Algebra encourages great conversation and nuanced thinking.

National award winning actress Sonam Kapoor, apart from being one of the leading stars in the country today is also a strong social voice and wears her heart on her sleeve, making her relatable to millions of young girls across the country.

She soon joins other eminent personalities at Algebra for a thoughtful and candid conversation on her professional choices, creative triggers, the milestones in her life and the stories that move her.

Audiences at Algebra, will be treated to insights into the star’s life and her playbook for living life and pursuing art.

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