Sony YAY! celebrates teachers with ‘Heroes Behind The Heroes’, felicitates Terence Lewis

Our childhoods are made memorable by the remarkable contributions that our teachers make. Be it supporting us enthusiastically when we come up with a wild idea, or honing and developing our talent, teachers play multiple roles in our lives. As a salute to all that they do in shaping lives, Sony YAY! brings season two of their flagship Teacher’s Day initiative, Heroes Behind the Heroes and awards Terence Lewis for all his work in the field of dance!

Ace choreographer Terence Lewis, who has choreographed various Bollywood films and musicals, stage shows, ads and music videos. Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute and the Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company, widely-acknowledged as the country’s most popular and reputed dance organizations are run by him and foster creative excellence in the talented, enthusiastic dancer, raising the standards of dance in India and beyond.

“Thank you so much for this amazing award and honestly, there is always someone behind a hero, someone who trains. Thank you so much for acknowledging the “Heroes Behind The Heroes,” says Terence

Sony YAY! character KickO was seen felicitating Terence. KickO is a super kid from the show KickO and Super Speedo, both of them grooved together on the show’s title track – Jeet Wala Geet.

Building on the success of season one, this season of the acclaimed initiative will continue to celebrate distinguished names and champions who believed in our role models, putting in all their energies to train and coach them.

Behind many successful adults is a teacher that helped contribute and shape those students’ foundations for the future and thanking each one of them, everywhere is what Heroes Behind the Heroes stand for!

Terence adds, “There are many times when we recognize only the people who are in front, but the people who are behind their success who might be a teacher or a mentor or a parent isn’t recognized and it’s nice to sometimes felicitate them with awards or mementos. It’s a very nice idea, simply because even behind me there are my teachers, I have learned a lot from them. It’s very important to recognize these people, so I’m really very happy that Sony YAY! and KickO have done this. It’s a very sweet initiative, people generally don’t recognize people who are behind them, who put in efforts to make the person successful”

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